It Does A Body Good

Milk is an important part of people’s diet and should never be trivialized. Milk is needed for proper health and bodily growth and maintenance. Simply put, milk is good for you.

Milk – It Does A Body Good

Heck! It’s doing wonders for me and I’m not even drinking it. Of course, that may have more to do with Jordan Carver than the milk. Just looking at her is a cardio workout. 😉

BTW: Milk is also damn fine when served warm.

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Cats With Thumbs

Cats. There’s little in the way of middle ground when it comes to how humans feel about them; we either love them or fear and hate them.

So far this has been of little importance in the grand scheme of things. With time that could change…

Human, You Have Become Redundant

Cravendales‘ Cats with Thumbs advertising campaign has been so successful that they’ve started doing roadshows across England. 😯 They’ve also doubled in value over the last four years and currently enjoy sales of over £166 million.

Conversely, the Anglican church is considering issuing a series of edicts against cats… 😉

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