Fontastically Funny

Fontastically Funny

Yes, it’s true! After 132 years and 2 months (to the day at the time of this post) since this pangram reached public notice, the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

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The Easter Egg Factory

Rare Footage From The Easter Egg Factory

With Easter, the purloined holiday, coming soon, I figure it’s a good thing for people to be educated upon just where their Easter eggs come from. Hence, a quick clip from the Easter Egg Factory. 😆

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Playing God Playing

What we call scientists, especially those involved in genetic manipulation, seem to love to play God.

Genomorphs – Playing God Playing

Now, can you picture what they’d do if the could and chose to play God playing? By that I mean just having some “fun” in the manner that a mischievous deity might with the stuff of live and living creatures.

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