Ferguson’s New Hero

Meet what is probably going to be Ferguson’s new hero and the new hero of the Blacks and the Liberals and Progressives who pander to them out of ethnoguiltism and oikophobia – Tyrone Harris, Jr., the ghetto buck who fired upon police officers during the 1st Michael Brown Memorial Riot and ended in cuffs, bleeding in the street.

The Blacks' latest heroFerguson’s New Hero – Tyrone Harris, Jr.

And, given that the Lamestream Media started off every story about this thug with some variant of, “The 18 year-old who was shot by police…” Harris is going to be a hero to both the Blacks and the Liberal and to the ever-angry Blacks.

The iberals and Progressives won’t really care that this ghetto buck had a long history of violence, criminality, and race-based hate. Nor will they care that Harris was out on bail for multiple felonies, including stealing a car and a firearm, at the time he fired upon the police in Ferguson. They’ll consider him a hero in spite of that.

The Black, of course, are a bit different. They’re not going to consider Tyrone Harris, Jr. Ferguson’s new hero in spite of his violent criminality. They’re going to consider Tyrone Harris, Jr. Ferguson’s new hero in part because of his violent criminality. The buck’s got a lot “street cred.”

So meet Ferguson’s new hero. I’m sure we’re going to hear more from him.

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They’re Enjoying The Show

Just as I expected, the Blacks just couldn’t couldn’t resist rioting on the anniversary of Michael Brown being put down by Officer Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO a year ago.

Fucking coons be loving this shit
I’m Sure They’re Enjoying The Show

Well, I’m fairly sure Obama, Sharpton, Holder, and the rest of their ilk are enjoying the show. This is the sort of racial unrest that their sort feeds off of and loves the taste of.

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If You’re Cold

Yeah, I imagine that the angry, race-baiting, ghetto thugs and their White enablers and panderers aren’t liking the winter weather.

Have a warm mug of something and laugh at the fools
If You’re Cold, They’re Cold

Just, for the love of all that’s right and holy in America, neither bring them in nor let them in.

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Burn This Bitch Down

There’s little to say in favor of Louis Head, Michael Brown’s “stepfather” who helped incite the riots, looting, and burning of Ferguson, MO in the wake of Officer Darren Wilson not be indicted by the grand jury. There’s little to say in the buck’s favor but not nothing. His screaming, “Burn this bitch down!” may well be an important teaching moment.

Obama:  Burn This Bitch Down!
Obama to America: Burn This Bitch Down!

Louis Head’s screaming of, “Burn this bitch down!” may explain the entirety of the Obama presidency better than anything else has ever explained it.

Head didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  Obama as well didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  They may be at opposite ends of the spectrum of violence and immediacy of reaction but the underlying feelings and responses to stimuli are the same.

Seen in the light of the “teaching moment” that Louis Head provided America, Obama’s foreign, economic, and domestic policy decisions and positions make sense now, where once they didn’t.

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Honoring Michael Brown

Sagging, buck Nigger, ghetto thugs...for Michael Brown
Pants At Half-Mast For Big Mike

ROFLMAO – Nothing says “we remember Michael” more or better than wearing your pants sagging around your thighs or knees. Yep! Let’s remember Michael Brown for what the buck was, a ghetto thug doomed to either die young or live his life in and out of the prison system where he could be contained and warehoused in order to give society a respite from his behavior.

But hey, at least this explains why that one “thug azz nigga” didn’t steal a belt while he was busy looting Ferguson. 😆

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