Cut Off The Cut Offs!

Really! If what passes for American society in these latter, degenerate times has reached the point that we will ban the airing of The Dukes Of Hazzard because the General Lee was painted with the Confederate Flag, then we also have to also ban or strongly discourage Black women from wearing “Daisy Dukes” since the very name of these cutoff jean shorts is derived from the character Daisy Duke – a Southern White Woman – in that television show.

Cut Off The Cut Offs! They’re Racist!

Really, what sort of self- and culture-respecting Black woman would ever glorify something as foully racist as Daisy Dukes, which are the societal epitome of rural, Southern, White women’s casual wear? Someone needs to tell these sistahs that they’re selling out to the worst sort of White Oppression by wearing Daisy Dukes.

And, even without the horror of Black women dressing in a manner that tacitly endorses such a horrifically racist thing as “Rednecks,” one also has to consider the long, sad, and weighty history of Black women being forced to dress and present themselves in a manner that was similar to- and consistent with normative – i.e., White – culture and fashion.

Hence, no matter how you look at it, we obvious need to cut off Black women wearing cutoffs.

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6 Responses to “Cut Off The Cut Offs!”

  1. IKillLiberals Says:

    Pathetic. Your post was so retarded it became racist on its own. Please cut off your own head.

  2. jonolan Says:

    You have, I take it, a stunted appreciation of sarcasm.

  3. miltonjames98 Says:

    Dude; black guy here who thought it was jokes (and congrats on posting pics of equal opportunity hotties. Spread the love, baby, spread the love:-)

  4. jonolan Says:

    Cool and thanks! And yes, I’m completely equal opportunity when it comes to the hotties.

  5. Shuan Says:

    So there’s absolutely no doubt that you’re an insane liberal re-fucking-tard!

  6. jonolan Says:

    No, actually there’s no doubt that you’re both no better than the liberal snowflakes I was lampooning and have a grossly stunted appreciation of fucking sarcasm, Shuan. 😉

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