Honoring Michael Brown

Sagging, buck Nigger, ghetto thugs...for Michael Brown
Pants At Half-Mast For Big Mike

ROFLMAO – Nothing says “we remember Michael” more or better than wearing your pants sagging around your thighs or knees. Yep! Let’s remember Michael Brown for what the buck was, a ghetto thug doomed to either die young or live his life in and out of the prison system where he could be contained and warehoused in order to give society a respite from his behavior.

But hey, at least this explains why that one “thug azz nigga” didn’t steal a belt while he was busy looting Ferguson. 😆

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One Response to “Honoring Michael Brown”

  1. Buffet Says:

    Looks like those fags are preparing for a circle jerk!
    Oh, and could you please relay to them that I said so?

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