Strange Bedfellows

Politics makes for strange bedfellows and war and Muslim Terrorism is just an extension of politics, so it’s unsurprising that Al-Qaeda’s “spiritual leader,” Osama Bin Laden would cultivate a relationship with North Korea’s yammering monkey, Kim Jong Il. Yet, who knew that it would take such a bizarre, depraved, and disgusting turn?

Strange Indeed! Most Believed Osama Preferred Goats

A leading Al-Qaeda cleric, Imam Abdul Al Akroot ibn Al Daa’reh Khanzeer responded to queries about Osama Bin Laden’s seemingly prohibited relationship with the North Korean dictator.

What Osama has done is permissible.  It is not the sin of homosexuality because Kim Jong Il is not a man; he is a monkey.  As Abdullah ibn Abbas narrated in the Kitab Al-Hudud, “There is no prescribed punishment for one who has sexual intercourse with an animal.”

Allah is merciful. Women of Islam are few and goats and such are many, and it is often hard for a man to tell them apart in the night. Allah knows this and thus it is halal.

Sadly, when questioned on the fact that the ayat immediately preceding the one that he cited (Book 38, Number 4450) called for the death of any man caught fornicating with an animal – and the death of the animal! – Imam Abdul Al Akroot went into a violent rage and became too incoherent to continue the interview.

The Civilized World just fervently and desperately hopes and prays that Osama Bin Laden and Kim Jong Il will not follow in the trend of celebrities couples and release a sex tape. 😯

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It’s 3:00AM, Boy!

Unfortunately for America it turns out there was some metaphorical truth to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s 3:00AM campaign ad. Sadly, the President of the United States seems determined to sleepwalk through these crises rather than waking up and “taking the call.”

wakey wakey, Mr. President. It's Iran and North Korea.
It’s 3:00AM, Boy! Wake The Fuck Up!

With the rapidly accelerating threat of nuclear attack upon America and/or her allies by either or both of the murderous vermin ruling Iran and North Korea, we are at the point described in Clinton’s campaign ad.

Well, maybe America will get lucky and the Teleprompter will still be on.  If so, hopefully it can manage to deal with the problem its meat puppet has exacerbated. 😉

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