Just Nicki

Just Nicki Minaj In A White Lacey Corset
Just Nicki Minaj In A White Lacy Corset

Nope. This post is just Nicki Minaj in an old-school, white, lacy corset. It’s apropos of nothing. But who doesn’t need a sexy beauty brake now and then, and I think Ms. Minaj serves quite well in that capacity.

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Sweater Meat

With Autumn’s colder weather upon us, it’s time to consider a change in our diets. Sure, throughout the hotter months, a steady diet of bikinis is quite fine. They’re not going to get you through the Fall and Winter though. For that one should consider sweater meat.

Seasonal Sweater Meat

Like all delectables of the cooler months, sweater meat is very warming, so let the crisp air and glowing color of Autumn be your guide to fine and healthy dining.

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Celebrate Diversity!

Gentlemen, please celebrate diversity whenever possibleGentlemen, Please Celebrate Diversity

Oh yes, Gentlemen. Please do celebrate diversity. Celebrate it in the best and only way that diversity works. Life is a lot like an ice cream parlor; there’s a lot of flavors out there and one should sample as many of them as possible.

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So Many Flavors – Taste The Rainbow

So go forth, my fine fellows and end racism. Hell! If we all do it right, well, and often, we may well even, in a few generations, end race in America once and for all. 😉

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Be Aware Of Breasts

It’s October and one of the things that means is it’s Susan G. Komen Awareness Month aka Pink Ribbon Awareness Month… also and more politically correctly known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So please be aware…of breasts this month.

Now, before I go on let me state for the record that Komen does a variety of good work and does well. It’s just that Pink Ribbon Fatigue is real and well-deserved.

But, in any case or event, October is a great month to be even more aware of breasts than we normally are. It doesn’t matter how you look at them, they’re wonderful.

From The Top

Cleavage – the easy to achieve standard view of the world’s best hope for a new power source, is always a good starting point for awareness, a top-down overlook if you will.

From The Side

Sideboobs – Currently the most legally and commercially important viewpoint on breasts, this is one of my favorite ways of appreciating breasts. One could think of the sideboob as rarer and deeper study of the wonder of women’s breasts.

From Beneath

Underboobs – Think of this as a bottom-to-top appreciation of breasts. It’s certainly the rarest presentation and, hence, the most provocative. I’d call it an in-depth study of subject.

They key is boobs. They cure anythingBoobs Are Magic

It’s important to remember that, no matter how you look at them – and look at them or, at least, want to you will – breasts are magic, strong magic, magic that some cowardly and/or breast-deprived fools think cause earthquakes. So let us all remember that we must respect the magic even as we “labor” to ensure that the magic of boobs doesn’t leave the world.

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Size Doesn’t Matter

Women really stress themselves out over their body image issues, especially when it comes to their breast size or “lack” thereof. I find this equal parts sad, maddening, and humorous because, while most men have some level of preference for larger breasts, it’s only some level of preference; size doesn’t matter – big, medium, or small – we men still love them and want to see them as soon as- and as often as possible.

Men don't care if you've small boobs; we still want to see them
Size Doesn’t Matter – We Still Want To See Them

That’s right, Ladies! Even if you’re a charter member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, us guys are still going to try to cop peek down your blouse. Honestly, while we may shake our heads and question why we’re doing so, we really can’t help ourselves and will at least think about doing it…and doing it again.

Nothing to see here yet we look anyway
Presented As Evidence

So relax! Your breasts are just fine. Size doesn’t really matter that much. It’s so very much not a “Go big or go home,” sort of thing. We like and lust after your breasts no matter what size they are. 😀

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