Obama On Williams

Obama on Bryan Williams
Obama: Brian Williams Should Leave NBC

Just kidding! Obama would never say such a thing about Brian Williams. Oh, not because the boy has any problems with the hypocrisy required to complain the lies of anyone else. It’s that Obama wouldn’t turn on one of his biggest supporters and sycophants.

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Obama’s From Kenya

Obama’s From Kenya 😆

NBC White House Corespondent Chris Jansing just said that Obama’s from Kenya and that this effects the expectations of his role in Africa. Quite the hilarious Freudian slip on her part and one that was quickly “corrected.”

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On Script, Off Point

It seems that not even NBC, one of Obama’s most loyal shills, can get a straight answer out of the boy to even softball questions about entitlement reform as the talking heads of Meet The Press found out.

Obama – On Script, Off Point As Usual

As always when confronted with any questions that even vaguely resemble being substantive, Obama stayed true the script his masters and handlers provided for him to jabber from, which meant staying firmly off point whenever an actual answer to the question who be more definite and, hence, more open to accountability, than the “Present” for which the boy is so well known.

In many ways it’s amazing that anyone even bothers to ask Obama questions at all. It’s not as if the boy’s built up a track record of answering them. It’d make for sense for the few real journalists left in America to simply ignore him and for the MSM to just go forward as they started by giving him feeder lines for his next oratory tap dance performance.


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The Three Monkeys

The three monkeys of the lamestream media: ABC, CBS, and NBC are a far cry from Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru – the three wise monkey’s of the famous sanzaru.

ABC, CBS, NBC - Three Monkeys when it comes to reporting the truth
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Report No Evil

They’re willful failure to report upon the Benghazi tragedy with any diligence and their refusal to ask Obama anything resembling a tough question about either his regime’s murderous betrayal of our Consulate staff or their ongoing lies about the situation is a cruel mockery of both wisdom and journalism.

Oops! I used “monkey” and “Obama” in the same article. Cue the worthless libtard cries of racism. 😆

They have become no less a regime-owned propaganda corps than the Fars News Agency the mouthpiece of Iran’s Ayatollahs.

It’s fairly safe to assume that, if it regards their boy, Obama, nothing they say, show, or print is the truth in anything close to entirety. All these monkeys are doing is throwing poo and it’s time to either put them back in their cages or put them down as we would any members of an unwanted invasive species.

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Profiling v. Portraiture

George ZimmermanGeorge Zimmerman, the “White Hispanic” who fatally shot the Black Trayvon Martin seems to be more a construct of the Lamestream Media than a person. At least, the Liberal propaganda outlets have gone to great and unethical lengths to paint a picture of Mr. Zimmerman that doesn’t bear any more resemblance to the objective truth than Mr. Zimmerman does to the stereotypical White.

Worse, they media painted Zimmerman with broad strokes and a limited pallet of colors.

We all know that, in the minds of the Lamestream Media, the color of racism is White. This explains their “mistake” about Zimmerman’s ethnicity and the lengths they went to in order to justify it. It also completely proven now that the colors of truth and ethics aren’t in NBC’s crayon box.

Take for example the Today show piece thatcarefully abridged the conversation between George Zimmerman and a 911 dispatcher in the moments before the shooting of Trayvon Martin:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like hes up to no good. He looks Black.

That’s they told America and that’s what most people heard and believed. That George Zimmerman was a bigot and engaged in racial profiling was set in their minds as fact.

Of course it was a pernicious, race-baiting lie. The unexpurgated transcript of Zimmerman’s exchange with the dispatcher shows something quite different, the truth:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like hes up to no good. Or hes on drugs or something. Its raining and hes just walking around, looking about.

Dispatcher: OK, and this guy is he Black, White or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks Black.

The truth was that Zimmerman was responding to direct question by the dispatcher about the suspect’s race. As such, there is no evidence that he was engaged in racial profiling, especially since all he actually mentioned was Martin’s apparent behavior.

That wouldn’t fit into the picture NBC was trying to paint though, so they “retouched” it as it were, sort of like photoshopping a model or celebrity to erase those unsightly truths.

Profiling v. Portraiture – society and history will have to decide which is worse when it comes to how the Lamestream Media has painted George Zimmerman and, given the silence of the law, what reprisals we, the People must take upon their organizations and personnel.

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