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NBC Today
NBC Today

One could probably substitute any channel’s “news” group meeting for NBC’s Today Show and be accurate enough for everyday use. They’ve all, except for Fox News, lost the trust and the viewership of both Americans and the Democrats, and they seem to choose to double-down on Leftist, anti-Trump editorializing instead of correct their behavior.

Ah well; stupid should be painful and they’ve collectively been grossly stupid. They went full-on Libtard – one should never go full-on Libtard 😆 – and threw away the trust and viewership of the American people, leaving stuck with pandering to the Left in order to stay afloat. And the Left? They’re deep into decompensation these days, demanding more extremity, more hate, and more explicit compliance with the “orthodox dogma” of their cult.

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2014’s Bottom Line

A group of US military veterans, mostly veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, Vets for Freedom is very concerned about the deleterious effects that Obama’s foreign policy are having upon America and the Civilized World.

They’ve created a petition to air the grievances and, while I don’t agree with all their specific points, one part is the sad and simple truth.

Bottom line: America’s enemies don’t fear us, our allies don’t trust us, and the world is more dangerous.

That is the bottom line. Under the Obama Regime America’s standing in the world has not just waned, it has collapsed. Obama’s and his handlers’ foreign policy, or lack thereof, has eroded the trust that allies once had in America and removed most or all of the fear our enemies once felt towards us. Both of these things has made the world a more dangerous place, both for Americans and for the rest of the Civilized World.

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Proof Against Proof

Western society, especially America, has in recent decades become increasingly skeptical and distrusting. Put simple, we lack faith and trust in each other and almost anyone in positions of authority or who claims some authority on a topic.

Pics Or It Didn't Happen
Pics Or It Didn’t Happen – Not That We’ll Believe The Pics

Cries, often less than joking, of, “Pics or it didn’t happen,” “Show your work,” and “What are your sources,” are rife in most discussions, debates, and arguments in the modern Western world.

More often than not, if these demands are responded to, the result is that the people do not either accept or review the image and/or sources provided; instead they declaim them as fraudulent or impugn them for some other reason, most often perceived bias due to whatever funding mechanism are in place for those sources.

Little or nothing is believed. This is certainly true of anything that contradicts people’s opinions and beliefs and I believe that even holds true for things that agree with said people’s opinions and beliefs, though they’re willing to “suspend disbelief” enough to use it to further their various agendas.

It seems to me that we as a societal whole have become cynical and skeptical enough that we’re actually proof against proof.

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