Biden Makes This Less Funny

Biden Makes This Less Funny… And A Lot More Likely

Yeah, there’s core of ironic humor in the thought of Biden and NATO “asking” Germany to move their military through Poland to threaten and possibly engage Russia. That humor, however, is greatly lessened by the horrific fact that Biden is making it far more likely that this – and WW3 – will happen… and that it will be an at least limited nuclear exchange.

With Biden – or his handlers/nursemaids – choosing to escalate his war against Putin by both sending the 101st Airborne Division to the Ukrainian border and moving our newer, upgraded B61-12 tactical nuclear weapons to NATO bases in Europe, jokes about Germany being involved in a land war in Poland against the Russians aren’t as funny as they used to be.

And, with President Trump officially running for POTUS in 2024, the likelihood that Biden and Co. will willfully cross that lethal Rubicon and start the next major war became much more likely. Biden, after all, claims that he only ran for office to remove President Trump and has declared him and any and all who support him terrorists and existential threats to democracy. It seems horrifically plausible that Biden would prefer WW3 and the destruction of America over “loosing its soul” to President Trump and American patriots.

And, oh yes! Let us never forget that Biden and the majority of Democrats either believe that President Trump was elected through “Russian Collusion” or are in position where they have to repeat and abide by that shibboleth. Hence, Biden’s war against Putin is somewhat of a proxy war against President Trump and the patriots who elected him (Twice so far?)

I mean, don’t get me wrong; Germany being asked to move through and perforce occupy parts of Poland in order to fight Russia is funny. Biden just makes it less funny and a lot more worrisome.

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German Efficiency

German Efficiency Explained
German Efficiency Explained

The efficiency and resultant alacrity that was displayed by the German government’s handling of their Coronavirus subsidies for individuals was really impressive. It was also very easily explained by their own history. 😉

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George Soros’ Baby Pic

George Soros' Baby Pic
George Soros’ Baby Pic

Poor little György had a face only a mother could love – at least until, at thirteen, the little collaborator turned her over to the Nazis. 😉

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How Women Have Changed

Seventy years – a little over three generations – can completely change the societal landscape. How women have changed in that time is astounding, and not in any way that could be rightly considered good or flattering. Their devolution from Great to Grift is a national tragedy.

Feminism 70 Years Later - The devolution of Greatest to Grift
From Greatest To Grift In 70 Years

A first blush it truly amazing that the granddaughters of the generation of women who took to the factories and built the US war machine in WW2 degenerated into Sandra Fluke’s generation of grifters seeking hand-outs from the government. It just doesn’t, on the face of it, make sense that We Can Do It turned into We Can Get Free Shit because this seems to be a prima facie reversal of feminist goals and thought.

A deeper look, however, reveals that this degeneration had to be expected. Feminism and gender equality has been billed as a Civil Rights issue and in America all the Civil Rights movements have degenerated within three generations into grift and dependency upon the government for subsidence and/or convenience hand-outs. It’s just more shocking and painful to see it happen to American women, who have done so much and come so far.

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Scissors Beat Paper

A short pictorial history lesson…

Scissors Beat Paper

Winston Churchill knew what Adolf Hitler either never learned or forgot, scissors beats paper every single time.

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