Hillary’s War On Women

Hillary’s made a big deal about the GOP’s supposed “war on women.” Certainly, the toxic womyn who support her eat up it like chocolate. That’s why Hillary – evil, corrupt, and staunchly anti-American, but not stupid – based her entire campaign on it.

Hillary's War On WomenHillary’s War On Women

That she’s been successful at this is proof that these females and the self-hating pseudo-males who enable them just don’t care past tokenism and appearances. After all, even as Hillary shrilling rants the dogma of radical feminism, look at what she surrounds herself with.

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A Perspective On War

Liberals and Progressives in order to curry favor with the strident harridans of the Feminist movement have made much ado about the “War on Women.” It’s past time for Americans to put get a perspective on this “war” and how our domestic enemies really think about gender relations and roles.

Putting the War on Women into perspective
Putting The War on Women Into Perspective

Real Victims Of The Real War On Women

All across the globe, certainly in every corner of the Muslim World, women are fighting a real war at great, horrific, and lasting cost to be able to be independent, make their own choices, and be able to pay for what they desire with their own money but the Liberals, Progressives, and Feminists in America claim there’s a war on women because they want someone else to pay for their contraceptives.

Yeah, within the context of Feminism, that makes sense. 🙄

Somewhere the shades of the real Feminists who were imprisoned or committed to insane asylums, with attending compulsory electroconvulsive therapy, for having the audacity to want to work, own property in their own name, or vote are weeping over what has become of Feminism in America.

What was a righteous movement seeking independence and liberty has obviously failed as it has degenerated into a movement actively seeking dependance.

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Her First Time

The Obama Campaigns most recent repugnancy is their disgusting ad which directly equates voting for Obama with a young woman loosing her virginity enjoyably and implies that doing so will allow Obama to “make them a woman.”

The response of American women wasn’t “No.” It was “Hell no!” They know what that sort of thing leads to and practice “obamabstinence.”

American Woman

Nor Her Next Time Or Any Other Time. No Means No!

No. The American woman isn’t one to fall for such smooth blandishments and certainly would never foul herself with such a disgusting and unnatural liaison. The American Woman also, thank the Gods, has the will and means at her disposal to properly and rightly with the eventuality of such blandishments turning coercive.

American Women – I’d ask for the Gods to bless them but how can They bless a blessing…

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Obama’s Really Cooking

With the Republican Primaries all over but for formalities and the figuring out how to pay of the campaign debts Obama is cooking up what he hopes will be the recipe for keeping his job in November.

Obama's cooking up a special stew for the 2012 elections
Obama’s Cooking Up A “Special” Stew For 2012

In truth that’s all the boy’s got in his pantry – gender, racial, and class division. He can’t run on his record and he can’t attract anyone new to his cause – himself – so all he can do is stir up enough hate to invigorate his base to vote for him.

Of course no American could expect otherwise from Obama, who has always approached the American people like Gordon Ramsay approaches kitchen staffs.

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