Emergency Democrat Votes

Emergency Democrat Votes
Emergency Democrat Votes

Funny how in these times, whenever a Democrat loses and election to a Republican – especially if said Dem is a Black and the Republican a White – and the votes are close, there’s now always some issue and there’s always some number of extra Democrat ballots found by them after the fact. 😯  It seems an awful lot like they have a supply of Emergency Democrat Votes, doesn’t it?

And it’s these sorts who rant so stridently that President Trump, the Electoral College, and anything, everything, and anyone except themselves is a threat to America’s democracy and the integrity of our electoral process.

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Go Vote!

Go Vote! Protect Or Harm America

It’s election day! Assuming that you’ve taken advantage of early or absentee voting, go vote! Go vote Republican to save America, or go vote in favor of the Democrats’ platform for “change.” The choice is yours; you can choose America or you can choose what the Democrats want to replace it with.

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Render Your Verdict

Render Your VerdictRender Your Verdict – Vote Guilty 2016

This is the truth and it’s the day to profess that truth. This is less an election than it is a trial. Today is the day that we, the People render our verdict upon Hillary Clinton.

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