Pelosi's Halloween Travel

Pelosi's Halloween Travel
Pelosi’s Halloween Travel

Well, if nothing else, this will cut down on the liquor bills normally associated with Nancy Pelosi going anywhere. 😆

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Purradice City

Purradice City
Take Me Down To The Purradice City

Take me down to the purradice city
Where the catnip’s green and the girls are kitties
Take me home
(oh, won’t you please take me home)

Yes, Please! While I’m not that inspired by catnip – though I do grow it in my front garden to attract the neighborhood kitties – I’d love it if somehow I could be taken to where the girls are kitties. 😉

Nekomusume are Nekogami

PRO TIP: Don’t be that Weeb! Or, if you prefer, don’t be a Baka Minikui Gaijin! Treat those Cat Daughters (Nekomusume) like the Cat Goddesses (Nekogami) that they are. You’ll go farther that way and won’t be quite so much of a painful-to-witness embarrassment.

NOTE: The much more common term would be simply Baka Gaijin (Stupid/foolish [non-Asian] Foreigner). I chose to make the point stronger by adding Minikui (ugly in the sense of being painful to see). It also is a riff on the longstanding “Ugly American” stereotype.

Also, just as a personal note on language, idiom, and the subtle shadings of meaning and expectation, I prefer Nekomusume (Cat Daughters) over the equally or more common term, Nekomimi (Cat Ears). Both, however, are in very common use when describing Cat Girls.

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Bajan Grand Kadooment Day

Yes, with the wold and, more specifically America, in the state it’s in and the direction it seems to be shambling towards, there are times – times that occur with greater and greater frequency – when I just want to pack it in, at least for a while, and head off to my pleasant and beautiful climes.

Barbados, in point of fact, sounds like a great place to go. Not only are the environs and people beautiful, but the Bajans have shown that, if people put aside age-old hurts, grievances, and excuses, a culture can develop that embodies most or all of what has time and time proven to be what tangibly works with the passionate and colorful aspects of other cultures that bring enrichment and intangible benefits.

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I’m Missing Asia

My life has been such that I have traveled the world – though, oddly, I’ve spent very little time in Europe – and have lived for somewhat extended periods in many countries and on every continent except Antartica (I turned down the job). Of them all I’m missing Asia the most right now.

I’m Missing Asia

I think it’s safe to assume, given the 15 examples I’ve provided above, you can see and understand why I’m missing Asia. Very few men who have experienced the beauty and bounty of Asia fail to miss it when they’ve left.

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