Hogg’s Hypocrisy

Hogg's HypocrisyHogg’s Hypocrisy – Neither All People Nor All Rights Are Equal

David Hogg’s hypocrisy knows no bounds or, at least, he and his handlers in the MSM aren’t going to let those bounds stand in the way of either his agenda or his notoriety. He’s all in favor of curtailing and infringing upon Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights but is quite angry about he and his fellow students being forced to use clear backpacks on campus and to be required to wear student IDs.

Then again, hypocrisy might not be the most accurate description, even if Hogg is sincere in his beliefs and not just a cynical, manipulative sociopath seeking fame and fortune in a media career. After all, Liberals and Progressives have long held that neither all rights nor all people are in fact equal and deserving of equal protections.

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Fridge Pogrom

Fridge Pogrom
I Think It’s Time For A Fridge Pogrom

Gentlemen – and some of you ladies – if your date / house guest feels compelled to bring an AR-15 with her when she goes to get a midnight snack, it’s far, far, far past time for a fridge pogrom. 😆

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