Suddenly AR’s Not A Problem

Suddenly AR’s Not A Problem

The Left and their gun-grabbing politicians and pundits keep ranting that America has a “gun problem” and that the AR platform is a vile and overly deadly weapons system that no civilian – and damn few police – needs to have or should be allowed to have.

But… Put them in the hands of Black women or Trannies and suddenly – fucking magically it seems – AR’s and guns in general are no longer a problem.

Funny isn’t it?

But no. It’s not funny; it’s not even strange. When combined with their refusal to accept that America has is a Mental Health Problem. It just exposes the lie that they been perpetrating for years and years. All that’s happening now is that they’re in a spiral of decompensation. They’re barely hiding what they want behind innuendos and dog-whistles anymore, as the tranny hate crime in Nashville shows us all.

Insofar as the left and its useful #Woke idiots are concerned, the danger is normal, run of the mill, heterosexual Whites, especially White men, and most especially those White men who are Christians. The “marginalized” groups, on the other hand, are regularly proclaimed to be “underrepresented” among gun owners. Simply put, they want us disarmed and their protected, special sorts armed and ready.

Now, why would that be?

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