Tip Your Head And Squint

Tip Your Head And Squint
If You Tip Your Head And Squint

Certain sorts are claiming that Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s recent report upon the FBI’s “handling” of Hillary Clinton’s #MailGate scandal showed that the FBI had no noticeable bias in favor of the failed presidential hopeful. But, no bias agianst President Trump and in favor of Hillary? Sure, if you either tip your head and squint or are of the sort who’s views are already skewed to the Left. 😉

Essentially, in 100s of pages of torturous legalese – with all the specific, most often abstruse to the general public, language inherent in such documents, IG Horowitz has set forth his opinion that, while various key investigators harbored anti-Trump, pro-Clinton bias, and even made statements indicating thier intention to act on that bias to prevent Donald Trump from becoming POTUS, the DoJ’s Inspector General’s office could find no evidence in in emails, text messages, instant messages, or documents that proved the FBI made decisions with an improper purpose or took measures which amounted to criminal action.

Yeah, tip your head and squint, people. Tip your head and squint.

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The Mueller Witch Project

Mueller Witch Project
The Mueller Witch Project

In May of 2007, Obama’s FBI and DOJ disappeared into the woods near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue while “investigating” the Trump campaign collusion with the Russians, shot themselves in their feet, and their integrity and public confidence were never hears from again. Over a year later the “investigation” continues.

And yes, it is filmed in “shaky cam.” 😆

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No Pot O’ Gold For Dems

No Pot O' Gold
No Pot O’ Gold For Dems

St. Padraig’s Day has come and come and gone. There was no luck, except for bad luck, for the Dems however. After well over a year of them following the mystical rainbow of Russian collusion, there’s been no pot ‘o gold for them to have. In fact, to-date the collusion evidence that’s been uncovered is that of collusion between various members of the FBI and the DNC / Hillary campaign. 😉

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