Words Shouldn’t Be Empty

A great and fine American lady, Gov. Sara Palin gave us these words, “Don’t retreat. Reload!”

With our country on a most perilous cusp, these are words for every true son and daughter of America to take to heart and soul and live by lest our domestic enemies choose the course for America’s future – or lack thereof as anything recognizable as being America.

Don't Retreat. Reload!
Don’t Retreat. Reload!

Banners and slogans are all right and good. They symbolize movements and crystallize thoughts while bringing people together under a single banner as a unified host who can enact change and exact retribution.

They can’t, however, be merely and solely that if those fine words are to have meaning. Words shouldn’t be empty. They should be the symbol and label of true and repeated action.

So do not simply chant, “Don’t retreat. Reload!” Do it! Live it! Take our country back and do so in a manner that will mean that it’s generations before our enemies can regroup enough to be, once again, an existential threat to our way of life.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down.

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The Ghouls Feast

Ghoul - Eater of the DeadJared Lee Loughner’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and 19 other people — six of whom were killed, including a 9 year-old girl — in Tucson, AZ on Saturday, January 8, 2010 should have shocked the nation. That, at least would be the normative common consensus about such a brutal and sudden massacre, coming, as it did, without forewarning and leaving so many people dead and/or wounded.

Obviously such shock is part of the innocence that America has lost over the years; it was not in evidence that Saturday. The victims’ bodies hadn’t finished bleeding out, much less grown cold, before the ghouls of the Left were doing their best to capitalize upon the lethal attack.

The Professional Left

Within minutes of Loughner’s attack Liberal pundits and the Left-Wing, “lamestream” media were trying to blame Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sharron Angle, the Tea Party, and American patriots in general for “inciting” the attack with their rhetoric.

These filth didn’t know at that time what had actually happened or who the attacker was, much less what his motivations were but that didn’t stop them from feasting on the fresh corpses for the sake attacking their American rivals.

The Race-Baiters

Right behind the Professional Leftists were the race-baiters, though there is, of course, an overlap between two varieties of ghouls They did, perforce, have to wait until Loughner was identified as being a White. Once he was known to be White though, they dove right into the feast.

This particular breed of domestic enemy was, after establishing the Whiteness of the attacker, was as quick as always to paint the whole incident in racial terms and attempted to tie it into immigration laws even though Giffords was not a proponent of porous and insecure borders.

After that initial spate of anti-Americanism came the Muslims and their shills who jabbered on about how, if Loughner were a Black or Muslim, he’d have been treated differently by the media and would have been called a terrorist as opposed to a murderer.

The Gun-Grabbers

Finally came the ghouls amongst the gun-grabbers, hell-bent on using anything to disarm the law-abiding members of American society.  They were last to the feast because they had to wait until the evidence pointed to Loughner attempted assassination of Rep. Giffords being the act of a madman as opposed to a political act.

Zombies from Night of the Living Dead
They Hunger For Blood Of The Innocent

Both Americans and our Liberal and Progressive enemies knew this sort of cynical use of the Tuscon, AZ rampage was going to happen. It’s part and parcel of realpolitik and is firmly embedded in modern ideological warfare.

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before.

— Rahm Emanuel

What is disgusting is how fast the Leftist ghouls descended on the victims and twisted their deaths and injuries, and the resultant anguish of their loved ones, into agenda-driven political and ideological attacks against America, Americans, and fundamental American values.

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama led the nation in a moment of silence Monday morning in honor of the victims of Saturday’s mass shooting in Tucson, AZ. As laudable a symbolic gesture as that was, the nation would have been better off if the Left had held a moment or two of silence on Saturday before starting their macabre orgy.

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They’ll Show Obama

Obama Gump - Stupid Is As Stupid DoesPresident Obama has a serious political problem; he has boxed himself into an untenable and utterly unsustainable corner and now has nowhere to go but down.

In the wake of America’s rejection of the Left’s agenda the POTUS has had something vaguely akin to a wake-up call; he’s now finally willing to make some pretense of governing all of America.

President Obama has, having seen the disaster that he and the Liberals have already wrought upon themselves, has cast aside – at least for now – the Leftist, anti-American, neo-Socialist agenda that he’d been, up to now, trying to ram down the unwilling collective throats of we, the People.

Specifically, Obama engaged with the GOP and negotiated a compromise resolution to the painful issue of whether, when, and how the Bush Era Tax Cuts would be allowed to end. The details of this compromise gave all sides much of what they felt necessary but did so at the cost of giving their opposition much of what they desired.

The Leftists Despise Obama For This

Liberals, Progressives, and the “lamestream” media pundits that pander to these domestic enemies of America are gnashing their teeth and now are claiming that Obama is a failed President.

There’s even talk, both among the neo-Socialist Left and within the Beltway, that the Dems are divided enough that their might be even more serious problems facing Obama shortly.

It’s pretty clear that, one way or another, these Liberals are going to make President Obama pay for breaking ranks, however superficially, with their anti-American ideology. They’ll show him the price of not punishing the productive in order to pander to nonproductive, non-contributing, rabble.

Guess We Showed Obama…

Of course there’s a huge upside to this if you’re an American in faith as well by accident of birth. Not only has the Left shown it’s true colors for all the nation to see, but Obama’s loss of much of his base bodes for the 2012 Elections. 😉

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Sarah Palin Is So Stupid

If you tune into the news, whether it be mainstream (“Lamestream” and Liberal / Socialist) or alternative, you’ve been inundated by the puling, anti-American Liberals deriding Mrs. Sarah Palin. Most often their greatest insult is that she’s “so stupid.”

I’ll leave aside for the moment that this hatred and fear started with the wastes-of-vaginas that make up the modern iterations of the Feminists.

So, concentrating in this post instead upon the more generalized Leftist hatred and derision of Sarah Palin, we are left with with factual and logical failing that they, the puling anti-American Liberals and Progressives, cannot even bear to admit to.

Sarah Palin is so stupid that she backed Sarah endorsed 94 candidates in the 2010 local, state, and national elections, of 60 won, 33 lost, and 1 race still being undecided. That’s a 64% success rate and better than all of the power brokers who feed off of D.C!

Tell me, you  filthy little Liberal vermin, how many of the few Democrat candidates who were willing to let your Messiah, Obama stump for them won? Harry Reid and who?

Yeah, Sarah Palin is so stupid. With stupid like that you’ll be calling her Madame President or un-assing the country. For the record, I strongly suggest the latter; it’ll save Americans the cost of ammo.

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Turnabout Can Be Fair

Sarah Palin Speaking at the Tea Party convention.The Liberals are having a grand old time belittling Sarah Palin for having a some notes written on her hand during the first National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN. They’ve been spewing a lot of vitriol and various personal insults at her over this throughout the last few days.

In this particular case my suggestion is to just let them jabber, howl, and gibber.

While it goes directly against the grain of all right-thinking Americans to allow a woman to bear the brunt of such attacks, Mrs. Palin has willingly chosen to face such attacks and is far more than capable enough to handle them. She really doesn’t need us to jump to her defense – especially when doing so would be playing into the hands of the enemy by letting them choose the argument and, therefor, the terms of battle.

Sarah Palin's crib notes on her palm at the 2010 National Tea Party Convention
Sarah Palin’s Crib Notes

Turnabout, while almost always unpleasant, can be fair. In cases where it is actually not a manufactured corollary and is truly applying the same standards, turnabout is fair. This is sadly one of those cases.

Just let it slide by unheeded and unresponded to, as it deserves to be.

We Americans have rightfully lambasted President Obama, the TOTUS, more than once over his inability to speak without a teleprompter or other such aids. It has never sat well with Americans that the person who got elected largely on his charisma and carefully scripted rhetoric is a fraud, a charlatan, and a grifter.

But the door has now been swung wide for the Liberals to make this same claim about Palin.

Palin did, in fact have notes jotted on her palm. There’s no way of getting around that, just as there’s no way of getting the fact that there’s a strong corollary between such notes and Obama’s ever present teleprompter. The only real, substantive differences are the respectively level of intrusiveness of the two speaking aids and their tech levels.

And please don’t get fixated on the difference between President Obama needing a teleprompter to provide him an ongoing transcript for his speeches and Mrs. Palin having a few notes written on her palm. The contexts of their uses were quite different.

Sarah Palin’s crib notes, from all reports, were for use during the Q & A time that followed her speech. Fixating on that is just going to give the Liberals a perfect opportunity to claim that this shows that Palin had shills planted in the audience to feed her preplanned questions.

This is also something that Americans have complained about President Obama doing both during his campaign and after his election.  Engaging the Liberals on this issue is just going to give them the chance to rant, “She did it too!’ or claim that you’re a hypocrite for supporting Palin while attacking Obama.

This whole thing  is an inconsequential issue. Do not let the Liberals suck you into an argument of their creation over it. Turnabout is, after all, fair play and this is close enough to true  to fall into that category.

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