Blues’ House Divided?

There has been grumblings from within the Beltway for some time but the last couple of weeks leading up to the 2010 Congressional Mid-term Elections saw a sharp increase in behind the scenes rancor between Congressional Democrats and President Obama’s White House, and some dissension within the Congressional Democrats themselves.

Is the the Blues’ house divided in the wake of their trouncing by the GOP on November 2, 2010? There are some indication that this so and some hints that the surviving Dems are separating into two camps – the Clinton Democrats and the Obama Democrats.

A War in the Brewing? Two Dem Parties? Obama Democrats vs. Clinton Democrats
Internecine War Afoot Soon? Clinton Dems v. Obama Dems?

Word on the street (K Street) and scuttlebutt at the Capital Grille is that there might be a Primary Challenge against Obama. Some of those rumors point to a sudden increase in communications between Secretary of State Clinton and outgoing House Speaker Pelosi as the basis for substantiating this idea.

No, none of this has any online sources. It is a mixture of rumor, hearsay, extrapolation upon past and present behaviors by the principals involved, and some basic sociodynamics.

Take it for what it’s worth and no more, but also no less. I did break / predict Sen. McCain’s “choosing” Governor Sara Palin as his VP candidate and running mate a full week before the official announcement after all. 😉

It might get even worse for President Obama than being challenged in the Democratic Primary. Obama is wounded and weak, politically speaking, and there are always scandals and such that could be used to bring him down. If the Dems are split as rumor claims, the Clinton Dems – possibly including Pelosi – might aid the GOP’s expected attacks against Obama and not even block Impeachment proceedings.

Think about it for a moment. Pelosi weakens Obama enough so that Clinton can beat him in a Primary Challenge, then Clinton nominates Pelosi as her VP candidate.

One thing to watch for is whether or not Pelosi resigns from the House entirely and, if so, how she goes about it. Another is what Hillary Clinton is doing and how she presents herself to foreign governments, as principal actor or as Obama’s puppet.

Is the the Blues’ house divided? I think we’ll pretty much know the answer to that by Christmas.

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