They’ll Show Obama

Obama Gump - Stupid Is As Stupid DoesPresident Obama has a serious political problem; he has boxed himself into an untenable and utterly unsustainable corner and now has nowhere to go but down.

In the wake of America’s rejection of the Left’s agenda the POTUS has had something vaguely akin to a wake-up call; he’s now finally willing to make some pretense of governing all of America.

President Obama has, having seen the disaster that he and the Liberals have already wrought upon themselves, has cast aside – at least for now – the Leftist, anti-American, neo-Socialist agenda that he’d been, up to now, trying to ram down the unwilling collective throats of we, the People.

Specifically, Obama engaged with the GOP and negotiated a compromise resolution to the painful issue of whether, when, and how the Bush Era Tax Cuts would be allowed to end. The details of this compromise gave all sides much of what they felt necessary but did so at the cost of giving their opposition much of what they desired.

The Leftists Despise Obama For This

Liberals, Progressives, and the “lamestream” media pundits that pander to these domestic enemies of America are gnashing their teeth and now are claiming that Obama is a failed President.

There’s even talk, both among the neo-Socialist Left and within the Beltway, that the Dems are divided enough that their might be even more serious problems facing Obama shortly.

It’s pretty clear that, one way or another, these Liberals are going to make President Obama pay for breaking ranks, however superficially, with their anti-American ideology. They’ll show him the price of not punishing the productive in order to pander to nonproductive, non-contributing, rabble.

Guess We Showed Obama…

Of course there’s a huge upside to this if you’re an American in faith as well by accident of birth. Not only has the Left shown it’s true colors for all the nation to see, but Obama’s loss of much of his base bodes for the 2012 Elections. 😉

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2 Responses to “They’ll Show Obama”

  1. Ryan Brackett Says:

    I wish Prezbo had “seen the light” but I’m willing to bet my laptop (freakin PCs, I hate it, want another Mac) he’ll be back to being the socialist we’ve all come to know by Mid Jan (probably sooner but its Christmas, hope springs eternal)

  2. jonolan Says:

    Frankly, I tend to agree with you. There’s a caveat though; Obama is a total narcissist and very insecure. He doesn’t handle criticism well at all from what I’ve seen and from what insiders report, which may cause him to turn against the Left, since they’ve attacked him now.

    It’s perfect really. Personalize the enemy, cut him off from his support, isolate him and goad him into defensive measures, then destroy him utterly, completely, and without even the hint of mercy or restraint.

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