The False Prophet

All the religions of mankind have warned against false prophets, ones who cloak themselves in the faith but seek to sow the seeds of heresy. But such mendacious criminals, enemies of the body of the people, are not limited to formal religions; they are also present in nations and national identity and character.

President Obama is surely on these pernicious and traitorous filth. He preaches a false an anti-American doctrine and claims it to be orthodoxy.

In President Obama’s own recent words:

Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith.

Like all false prophets, Obama’s words sound good at face value and, without context, they seem true because they are true. Being American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith, of beliefs, of character. There are very many who, while born and raised within the glory of America’s borders and culture, are not Americans because they do not have American beliefs or American character.

But President Obama, like all of his sort, chose to twist and corrupt this truth in order to further his own agenda instead of furthering the good of America and Americans.

It’s somewhat ironic that Obama used a phrase nearly identical to one I’ve used repeatedly – and one that so many of his followers have complained about my using.

I wonder how those Liberals who’ve complain about my defining being American by other than blood and birth will respond to their Messiah doing the same.

In President Obama’s cult beliefs that “faith” he speaks of must have nothing to do with America’s characters because he pronounced his words in the context of ranting against any state legislation that seeks to enforce immigration policy. The filthy Traitor-in-Chief also mouthed words to the effect that we shouldn’t strive to secure our borders, but to grant amnesty to the illegal immigrants and a “path to citizenship” instead.

We must all beware false prophets and their cult followers – and treat them when we encounter them fully and exactly as they deserve – without mercy or restraint.

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