Obama’s Views On Jihad

Recently a lovely young woman asked President Obama as simple question while he was visiting the St. Xaviers College in Mumbai. The question was simply, “What is your opinion of jihad.”

What dribbled, haltingly and painfully to listen to, out of Obama’s mouth in response bore little or nothing in common with an answer to her question and left all the listeners scratching their heads and wondering what it was that he actually said.

A Simple Question Gets A “WTF Did He Say?” Obama Answer

There were a host of simple ways that the young lady’s question could have been answered, many of which would have even showcased Obama’s understanding of Islam and would have been supportive of “Moderate” Muslims. Instead, Obama went off into some world that only he can see – again.

This isn’t really Obama’s fault; he can’t help himself. The fault was his handlers’ who, this time, failed to plant enough shills in the audience to get Obama through a teleprompter-free engagement.

Liberals used to crow and swoon over finally having an “articulate” POTUS after eight years of President’s Bush’s simple and blunt phrasings but, while nobody would deny that President Obama is a gifted orator, he has consistently failed to be able to function without a prepared script and to clearly and effectively answer even the simplest of questions.

Obama holds a juris doctorate from Harvard University! How in the Gods’ names did he ever manage to defend his thesis or dissertation? Affirmative Action would only take him so far.

That’s not something that could be honestly said against Bush. Leftists and America’s foreign enemies and detractors might not have liked his answers but he could and did clearly give answers to questions posed him.

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9 Responses to “Obama’s Views On Jihad”

  1. Kurt Horvat Says:

    There was a little more to the question, I believe – she asked what he thought of “the jihadists” – now mind you, I am going from memory, but what comes off to you as dribbled and halting came off to me as a man doing his best not to flub when talking with a person who speaks English as a second language, to not insult nor condescend to her, and to remind everybody that “Jihad” means “holy war” and “Jihadists” are people who support the Muslim holy war – she asked two questions in one statement.

    President Obama was doing his best to remind everybody that there are extremists in every religion, and they do not make up the majority.

    So, you give him truckloads of shit when he reads off of a teleprompter, and when he is taking audience questions, he is called halting and painful to listen to.

    Well, any English major can easily diagram his sentences, as opposed to many other speakers whom I will not mention, but you seem to think are just blazingly on topic.

    I guess you prefer dogma and endless rhetoric which never answers the question, to considerate and thoughtful answers which (gasp!) have pauses, but remain succinct and on topic.

    Other than that nonsense, how’s life these days? Did you get the horrible bugs this September?

  2. jonolan Says:

    No, there wasn’t much more to the question, though she did “Stumble” a little between “jihad” or “jihadis” as if she wasn’t sure whether she cared more about the syndrome or those afflicted by it.

    But, that being said, if you found Obama’s response to be thoughtful, succinct, and on topic then there’s little point in continuing this discussion. I long ago learned not to try to deprogram cultists.

    It’s sort of a “don’t throw pearls before swine; it’s a waste of pearls and annoys the pigs” sort of thing.

    On other topics – Life is life and bugs?

  3. Kurt Horvat Says:

    So, my opinion makes me a cultist, whereas yours makes you an elitist who deigns even let swine like myself read your pearls of…..opinion.

    Wow – somebody needs another cup of coffee – you have not been that rude to me in years. It is new that you deal with challenge by stooping to being an asshole – usually you come back with a fairly decent point.

    Let’s talk again when you find your manners.

    The other topic is moot.

  4. Kurt Horvat Says:

    But hey! Looks like you get to keep your Tax Cuts, so is the guy all that bad? Just a confused cultist asking.

  5. John Doe Says:

    U mad bro.

    That, literally, is the best way to describe this amusing little drivel of cyberspace.

    It’s sad too, you used to be able to argue logically. Did the evil muslims steal your reasoning too*?

    *That is to say, did they steal it and try to make it part of their own since, according to you, muslims *have* no reasoning cause they’re subhuman?

  6. jonolan Says:


    While it seems necessary to be a Obama follower – i.e., cultist – to hold your opinion in the face of the truth presented in the video, holding my opinion does not make me an elitist. Nor does my refusal to try to change your mind on the topic.

    John Doe,

    Ah, a little, anonymous drive-by rantling. A bit casually worded for someone trained at a Quaker college though, don’t you think, Alishba?

    But then, you never did have anything valid or useful to add to the debate, did you?

  7. John Doe Says:

    Nice try snookums. Unfortunately, I happen to be a true blue blooded liberal friend of hers (an actual Jew!). Do you wish the same death and destruction upon me too?

    And LOL, your threats of violence and calling us “filthy little vermin” qualify as valid and useful then?
    Your poor chara…

    Anyways, I’m done here. Keep hating and being an ignorant schmuck John!

    You will lose ultimately 🙂

  8. jonolan Says:

    Oh, that one. I think I remember you. Don’t let the back button hit you on the ass on the way out, filth.

    For that matter, why did you bother coming here at all? You had to know that there’s nothing here for you but well-deserved scorn.

    And yes, since you side with America’s enemies, I hope you share their fate, a worse fate actually since you should know better.

  9. John Doe Says:

    Y’know, I’d said I was done but since you asked so very nicely, I thought I’d do you the courtesy of explaining why I ended up stopping (and more importantly, commenting) here.

    You see John, you inspire me. You epitomize the stupidity, ignorance and downright hatefulness that I would never allow myself to descend to. You (laughably) call yourself a pagan, when you’re the perfect poster child for a modern day crusader wannabe.

    In short: You’re a racist, xenophobic bigot.

    And the saddest thing? You weren’t always like that. Sure, I might have disagreed with some of your viewpoints, but your blog used to be a place with intelligent discussion and rational debate. Now, all you do is mudsling and ramble in a deranged fashion. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    Don’t worry though I (and I speak only for myself) won’t be commenting here any more. You can bet I’ll be reading though- reading and reminding myself of why you’re so very wrong and outdated

    As I said earlier: You will lose. I’m not going to descend into a repulsive argument about what makes me a “better American” than you, but I will say that you’re sincerely deluded if you believe you represent what this wonderful country of ours was/is meant to be 😉


    P.S. Just because it’s fun to make your blood boil: No, I didn’t celebrate Veteran’s Day. The atrocities our military has committed and continues to commit make it impossible for me to do so with a clean conscious. I guess that makes me a dirty traitor?

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