It Wasn’t Futile!

Remember how, back in 2008, the domestic enemies of America declaimed that our nation had lurched to the Left like some sort of shambling, drug addicted, derelict? Remember how they crowed that the installation of Barack Obama as POTUS proved that resistance to the Leftists’ agenda was futile?

Barackus of Borg
Barackus of Borgistan Was Wrong; Resistance Was Not Futile

They and their Messiah, President Obama, were very, very wrong. Resistance was not futile; America has not lurched to the Left and remains a proud and sovereign nation. The results of the 2010 Elections, which turned the nations electoral map red at local, state and federal levels, proved that to any and rational minds without a shadow of doubt.

To quote Obama, himself:

Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith.

To the followers of Obama and his anti-American agenda I say, amend your faith and assimilate, as all foreigners within our borders must, into the Body of America or be treated as any other cancer or foreign infection must always always be treated.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉

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5 Responses to “It Wasn’t Futile!”

  1. Astasia Says:

    Do you truly believe that ‘the left’ and the president are Anti-American?

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yes. I have no doubts that Obama is anti-American and seeks to fundamentally change the nation into something unrecognizable, nor has he ever denied that.

    The Left is also very anti-American, though very slightly less anti-America geo-politically than they are anti-American cultures and values.

  3. zhann Says:

    I would argue the exact opposite. The right, especially the teabaggers, are as anti-America as they come. They only spit venom and hate. I hear substantially more venom coming from conservatives than liberals, and it has always been that way (at least throughout my life).

    The fact that you would even say such a thing goes to prove my point. Regardless of how much people hated Bush, it was always the conservatives crying that the Liberals were anti-American for bashing Bush. Yet, strangely, you don’t hear nearly as much of that coming from the other side (extremely rare, for what I hear).

  4. jonolan Says:

    Yeah, zhann; demanding a return to constitutional is just so anti-America. I’ll give you the hate and venom part though; we’ve a lot of reason to hate and I just hope our venom is lethal enough to do the job it needs to do.

    But those are your choices – hate and venom from the Right or condescension and loathing from the Left.

    And would you really expect a Liberal to defend America? Think about it and what you pointed out. Their vision of a future doesn’t bear enough resemblance to America that they will even paint it in American terminology and decry their enemies as anti-American…

  5. zhann Says:

    Again, I disagree. While I agree with the condescension, at times this is just hard to avoid. You know when you are talking to a child that just said something completely stupid? Well, that is often how I feel when speaking to some of the far right. There are just some things that defy logic, like Recycling is Socialism … ??? Come on, how can you NOT be condescending when you talk to someone supporting that logic?

    However, with regards to Anti-American, I really can’t paint it so black and white. The only conservatives I see as anti-American are the teabaggers, I think that they can potentially ruin this country. The constitution can often be construed just like the Bible, you can take what you want from it. The constitution is in no way a de facto document that details life as a whole, it needs to be used as a strict guide to running the government, but much leeway exists none the less.

    If there was less hate coming out of the Republicans and more logic, I would take them more seriously. Until that, though … sorry, condescending it is 😉

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