The Other Side Of Christmas

So many people, especially those in America, totally forget the other side of Christmas. It’s all about Santa and getting stuff here and now. Krampus and the punishment of the wicked and/or slothful are utterly cast aside and forgotten.

‘Tis Krampus’ Night Too. Have You’ve Been Naughty?

🙄 Of course, we being the peoples that we are, it’s blatantly and admittedly beautifully apparent that Krampus isn’t a source of fear or useful in the moral lessons that were once inherent in Christmas traditions.


Well, we could borrow Iceland’s Jólakötturinn, a giant black cat who devours children on Christmas Eve who didn’t get new clothes for the holiday. And hey! Jólakötturinn is the housepet of the giantess Grýla, her latest husband, Leppalúði, and he bevy of sons – all by previous husbands – the Yule Lads, who all love eating unruly, disobedient, and/or unwanted children.

And no, insofar as I can find, there no sexy Jólakötturinn or Grýla cosplay going on… yet. 😉

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Hello Krampus!

Hello Krampus!
Hello Krampus!

Oh yeah! Remember, there’s more than old St. Nick making the rounds tonight. Are you going to get “sacked?” 😆

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It's Collusion I Tell You!

It's Collusion I Tell You! St. Nicholas and Krampus are in it together!
It’s Collusion I Tell You!

This is equal parts funny, maddening, and sad. Given the state of the Democrats and the sorts that support them, this image would be seen as conclusive proof that St. Nicolas was colluding with Krampus … and misusing his authority in the course of doing so.

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An American Carol


An American Carol
I Know Who Hates Donald Trump

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At last! The perfect American carol for this particular Yuletide Season. Now, if only Krampus would come, beat down our domestic enemies with his stick, shove them in his sack, and take them off to be put to their only proper use … as foodstuffs.

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Merry Christmas!

My fellow Americans, Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas as well to all of you foreign nationals who celebrate the holiday and who visit here.

American Xmas Tree
Christmas – A Very American Holiday

Yes, I’m what is easiest to describe as Pagan, but I celebrate Christmas. My religious holy day was Yule. Christmas, to me, a secular, American holiday – a part of the intrinsic culture and character of America, but having only a tangential relationship with Advent and the celebration of the mortal birth of Jesus.

This is what the Godless and their Liberal and Progressive enablers and fellow travelers don’t seem to understand. Their war on Christmas – and all public expressions of Christianity or Christian beliefs and morals – is also a war on American culture, on Americana if you will. It’s a base attack on part of what it means to be American.

This is also what the Christians don’t seem to understand. Christmas, as it is celebrated in America, hasn’t been centered upon Christ in living memory. It’s a cultural holiday largely made of up of traditions and iconography that were created or, at least, promulgated by Coca Cola, Macy’s, and Norman Rockwell.

So once again, I wish a Merry Christmas to all of my fellow Americans. As for you Liberals and Progressives, may Krampus take you and your get. 😉

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