Obama’s Insecurities

Obama InsecureOne can tell a great deal about an individual by who or what they fear. Even more than love or desire, fear is a telling marker of one’s beliefs and the content of one’s character. Insecurities make the man as it were.

Obama’s insecurities and who and what he fears should themselves strike a chord of fear or, at least, concern in hearts of the American people. This is because Obama fears us, not our enemies, and his actions clearly show this to be case.

Late Friday, December 20. 2013 the Obama Regime moved to prevent a federal judge in California from ruling on the constitutionality of warrantless surveillance programs that they’ve been using throughout Obama’s tenure as POTUS. They claim that, despite all the recent exposures of National Security Agency domestic spying, litigating the case in an open court would jeopardize state secrets.

That’s a very telling position for the same regime that strove for years to have Muslim terrorists removed from Gitmo and tried in US federal courts, despite constant warnings from Congress, the military, and the intelligence services that doing so would would jeopardize state secrets and not be in the interests of American national security.

Obviously, Obama has no fear of Muslim terrorists but a great deal of fear of the American people. He’s seemingly only insecure about state secret pertaining to his regime’s covert surveillance of the American people.

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