Viva el Socialismo

The wages of sin are death or so it is said (Romans 6:23). The wages of Socialism are…wait! what wages?

Long Live Socialism!
Viva el Socialismo – #SentirElBern

Yes, Venezuela’s attempt at Socialism has, not in the least unexpectedly, ended in total economic collapse and mass starvation and persistent, bloody societal upheaval. Argentina and Brazil are not far behind.

This is obviously not something that Bernie Sanders wants to comment upon. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t wish to either since her agenda differs from Bernie’s only in the speed of its implementation and the race and gender specifics for that implementation.

But none of the above means that socialism provides no benefits. There’s an upside to it.

Socialism Does Have An Upside

And yes! That upside is the new and growing plethora of Venezuelan babes – and Venezuela has many beautiful women – who are now rethinking their personal economics, virtue, and futures. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Heck! With manufacturing and production essentially defunct in Venezuela, moving into the service industries makes good sense for these women. It’d certainly bring in a much needed influx of foreign capital.

Venezuelan Babes Will Fuck For Food
Socialism’s Upside

And, if combined with well-reasoned immigration reform, this could be a real win-win situation. Admittedly though, given global economics and exchange rates, I’d favor a somewhat more managed economic approach over a fully free market one. Renewal resources or not, I’d never advocate a completely predatory extraction model. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Oh! And for those of you reading this who are already screaming in rage or are about to, you need to “check your privilege.” In all statistical likelihood, your from the Developed World; it’s even probable that your in America. Hence, not only are you one of the Global 1%, you’ve also never even seen real poverty beyond a few sanitized commercials for charities.

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Feeling Froggy

Some days you just feel a little froggy…

Monique Moura de Carvalho - Sports Illustrated 1977 Swimsuit Issue - Photographer: Walter IoossMonique Moura de Carvalho – Brazil, 1977

Which is why we should thank the Gods for lily pads. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Obama’s Bum Bum Tour

Obama - Thumbs UpSo President Obama has taken time of from golfing and setting the “DC Line” on college basketball to do a good will tour of South America, starting with Brazil and then moving on to Chile and El Salvador. It will be a five day, three country jaunt for some fun in the sun, as it were, since he’s not bringing any significant “policy gifts” with him, nor is he expecting to return with any.

That’s certainly a better of use of his time than dealing with the ongoing crisis in Japan, our upcoming war in Libya, or any of the domestic matters that people would normally expect and want the POTUS to be directly with.

But President Obama could improve relations with these Latin American countries and explore – vicariously one might hopeย  and expect – the more pleasant aspects of these peoples.ย  It would certainly be a good use of his time and energy. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Obama’s first stop on his junket and possible the best place in the world to get to the bottom of our too-chilly relations with the Latin Americans is steamy, sultry Brazil.

Brazil – The Home of the Bum Bum

I’ve got Obama pegged as a butt and leg man – not that there’s anything wrong with that; some of my best friends are butt and leg men – so the curves the Brazilians may throw at him during these negotiations should suit him more than well enough.


Chileans and their diplomacy are bit more varied and austere than what the Brazilians favor and Obama may need a bit more refinement and finesse if he wants things to reach a happy ending. I think he’ll be up for the challenge though.

Chile – Delightful and Varied

Both Obama and the Chileans have a fondness for women’s athletics – or is it athletic women? – so I think they’ll find some common ground, though Obama may have to chaquetear before he can finally cachar.

El Salvador

Obama’s final stop is El Salvador. Far from being the savior of this this tour, El Salvador may well be the hardest place that the POTUS has to deal with. Salvadorans may seem eager and friendly at first glance but there are lengthy and complex rules that most often must be followed before any deal can be consummated.

El Salvador – Delicious, But Be Prepared To Wait

This is where I think Obama will fall down. He has too much in common with the Salvadorans and that’s not going to work to his advantage. Then again, it may be a pleasant rest after the more involved and strenuous good will sharing in Brazil and Chile.


Truly, I hope President Obama enjoys his South American “working” vacation to the fullest extent possible – though I doubt that he’ll enjoy it as much as he could; all joking and sarcasm aside, he just doesn’t seem to me to be the type to do so and that’s all to the good.

I don’t even mind the American taxpayers funding this trip. I’d pay a lot more to keep Obama on the golf course, making sports predictions, and/or on these low-risk good will visits. The less time he spends trying to be POTUS the better off America is. The only downside is that it also improves his approval rating and re-election prospects. ๐Ÿ˜›

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