Immigration Reform

For the overwhelming part, when immigration reform is discussed, debated, and/or fought over in America the immigration in question is from Central and South American countries. Immigration from areas other than Latin America are rarely discussed in terms of immigration reform.

Also, whenever immigration reform is discussed by the Liberals and Progressives what they’re calling for isn’t reform; it’s opening America’s borders and allowing however many Hispanics who wish to to enter America freely and receive benefits normally reserved for America’s population. Rarely, if at all, do the Liberals and Progressives ever speak of any limitations upon- or prerequisites for such immigration.

Now I say that’s total crap and nothing but a poorly disguised effort to destroy normative American culture while simultaneously feeding the quasi-slave state that the Left hypocritically seems to favor and which funds their politicians. Criteria for immigration is necessary for any sort of reform. America needs to accept only those immigrants that we desire and who will improve or beautify our nation.

The Immigrants We Desire

Immigration Reform Done Right πŸ˜›

That’s right! There are millions of incredibly beautiful and sexy Latinas south of the border and real immigration reform would have to include arranging for as many of them as possible to immigrate to America where they will greatly and lastingly improve our nations.

We might even go so far in the course of immigration reform to reverse the idea of immigration quotas in order to guarantee a sufficient number of new Latina immigrants each year. Oh! and anchor babies? Yeah, I’m expecting whole, whole lot of them and there finally to be a cessation of complaints about them. πŸ˜‰


NOTE: Since some people have issues, I’ll explicitly point out that this post is far more sarcasm than a real discussion of immigration reform…not that I’m in any way against beauty being one of the criteria for immigration.

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