That Not Full Glass

Half-Full, Half-Empty, or RapedThat Glass – Half-Full, Half-Empty, or Raped?

Yeah, how you see the glass says a lot about your inherent biases and viewpoint. In the case of the Feminists, this is especially true since their viewpoint in completely skewed by their rape fantasies.

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Her Body, Her Choice

Not Going To Piss Herself
Her Body, Her Choice

If it wasn’t such a normal sort of dissonance and idiocy it’d be shocking that the same Liberals and Progressives that have manufactured and promulgated the myth of America’s “Rape Culture” are the ones that say a woman shouldn’t be able to own a firearm to prevent rape and that, if she did own one, she’d not be competent to use it anyway.

I say that it’s her body and her choice in how she defends it from violation.

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