Why We Had #Gamergate

Why We Had #Gamergate

Why did we have and have to suffer through #Gamergate? Or rather, why did it blow up into some strange, malformed beast?

Simply put, it was because the womyn who consider themselves Feminists did what they always do. They saw things and heard things as they always do, through the filters of their twisted agenda. They took reality and the normal, if vile and obnoxious, behavior of gamers towards each other as personal and/or gender attacks.

Really! In my rarely humble opinion, the three panel cartoon depicted above sums it up quite well.

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Pokemon Go Bugged?

She can't find them but we canWhere Are The Jigglypuffs?

Hmmm…Is Pokemon Go bugged? Why can she not find those two jigglypuffs when the rest of us can?

😆 That’s the problem with Pokemon Go; it sometimes causes players to ignore both the obvious and their surroundings.

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Thanksgiving Gaming

Say grace and roll for initiative
Say Grace And Roll For Initiative

OK, OK! I know the non-gamers out there won’t get this and, Hellfire, even the younger gamers may not since roleplaying games have changed a lot since the old Dungeons & Dragons days. Still, for you old-timers out there, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and the laugh.

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