The Mueller Witch Project

Mueller Witch Project
The Mueller Witch Project

In May of 2007, Obama’s FBI and DOJ disappeared into the woods near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue while “investigating” the Trump campaign collusion with the Russians, shot themselves in their feet, and their integrity and public confidence were never hears from again. Over a year later the “investigation” continues.

And yes, it is filmed in “shaky cam.” 😆

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Mueller After A Year

Mueller After A Year
Mueller After A Year – Still Fishing, Still Flailing

Aside from bitterness, hate, and a desire to seek revenge for his longtime confederate, Comey, this is the only answer that makes sense at this point. Mueller, a member of the Deep State, just wants to “correct” for a political liberation that threatens to disrupt the government’s status quo.

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So…#Memogate. Ah yes, the almost but not quite tempest arising from the contents and release of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation memo drafted by Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA 22), in which are accusations of bias, collusion with the DNC, and various forms of wrongdoing by FBI officials while investigating then-candidate Donald Trump.

#Memogate Hurts The FBI's Feelings
The FBI’s Concerns About #Memogate

Obviously, senior members of the FBI had grave concerns about this sort of data being released to the general populace. They were legitimately concerned that, if these actions were publicized, it would greatly harm public confidence in their activities and worth to the People. Note of course, that they were far more concerned about the memo being released than about whether or not their people had committed these sorts of malfeasances…

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