Another Juneteenth

And Another Juneteenth

Well, it’s another Juneteenth – the second one as a federally mandated holiday. It’s also the second federally mandated holiday specifically for a singular race and, like Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s for- and about the Blacks within our nation’s borders.

Ah well. While I’m disgusted by a race-based – even more a second one – federal holiday since this violates the whole spirit of America, Juneteenth does give me a great, if not really needed, excuse to present some beautiful Black babes for our enjoyment. And… who’s really going to complain o’ermuch about a day off from work with pay?

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My First Juneteenth

My First Juneteenth As An Actual Holiday

This is not my first awareness of the Juneteenth “holiday.” Nor is it the first time I’ve raised a drink for it. With one of my wives being Black, I’ve been aware of the date and what significance it’s been held to have for well over 20 years. This is, however my first Juneteenth when it was an actually federally recognized and generally observed holiday. I’m even getting a day of with pay because of it!

Hence, I’m spreading the celebration of this day with a plethora of examples of why there was a serious and pervasive upside to the South losing their bid for independence and the Blacks being given their freedom and personhood.

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