2021's Snek-o-Lantern

Snek-o-Lantern Says, Happy Halloween

To paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson’s most iconic piece of dialog, I’m Loving This Mutherf**king Snek In My Mutherf**king Halloween! ๐Ÿ˜†

And no, Folks. This is not a great piece of Photoshop or GIMP work. This is an actual snake. Specifically, it’s a ball python of one of several possible modern “morphs.” This one has been called both the Pumpkin Pied and Jack-o-Lantern morph, but could also be any one of a number of other named color/pattern varieties of ball python.

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Halloween 2020 Be Like …

Halloween 2020 Be Like ...
Halloween 2020 Be Like รขโ‚ฌยฆ

That’s got to be the best jack-o-lantern for Halloween in 2020. The Gods know that this year is just ass. It’s more than a bit scary too.

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Happy Halloween

Halloween is meant for horror after all
Have a Happy & Scary Halloween

Here’s hoping that your Halloween is as scary as you want it to be, or just a bit scarier than that. ๐Ÿ˜†

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That’s No Jack-O-Lantern

Carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns has become an intense competition. Nowhere is this more true than in the wake of the coup that overthrew the Old Republic.

That's Not A Moon
…It’s a Battle Station

๐Ÿ˜† Sometimes the oddities and extremes that fandom comes up with boggle my mind, but this is awesome.

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