Halloween Angler

Halloween Angler
Halloween Angler

While I’m not formally a marine biologist, I worked with enough of them and their marine botanist and marine ecologist counterparts to know that this is exactly the sort of Halloween-themed humor they’d love.

Anglerfish – Nature’s Halloween Frights

And, as you can see above, their depiction of a Halloween Angler is a LOT kid-friendlier, and less nightmarish than Nature’s actual creations. 😮

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Scarier On The Inside

Hammerheads - Even Scarier On The Inside
Hammerheads – Even Scarier On The Inside

“Your beautiful inside.” Well, not hammerhead sharks. Apparently, they’re even scarier on the inside. 😆

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Those Shining Girls

Those Shining Girls? They Grew Up

Yeah, those creepy girls from Kubrick’s 1980 psychological horror film, The Shining grew up. Then, for a long while, things really got scary for America.

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Halloween Bogeywomyn

Nancy Pelosi – The Halloween Bogeywomyn

Yeah, that puts the fear back in Halloween, because Nancy Pelosi would never just accept candy. No, she wants your paychecks, your freedoms, and your country.

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Halloween Candi

While, for religious reasons, I’m ambivalent towards the secular holiday, Halloween, I’m not the sort to begrudge people their fun. Hence, here’s some sweet and scary Halloween Candi for you to enjoy.

Halloween Candi - As in fetish model, Razor CandiHere’s Some Halloween Candi

And, to keep with the ongoing fear of tainted treats, she’s Razor Candi aka Kym. Even better, she’s been living in Transylvania since 2008.

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