A small number of Christians want to “put the Jesus back in Halloween” and are promoting a Christian alternative to the normal Halloween festivities on October 31. They call it JesusWeen.

Jesusween - It sort of makes sense, if you think about Yahweh objectively
Jesusween, It Sort Of Makes Sense

You know, if you objectively think about the Abrahamics’ God, Yahweh, it’s makes a certain sort of sense to have JesusWeen. Yahweh’s a scary sort of deity and Jesus, while beneficent, has some scary bits as well. 😆


NOTE: Don’t take this too seriously, my Christian readers; it’s meant in largely non-nasty fun. As a Pagan, and one who follows something akin to what many are wont to call Celtic Rite Paganism, the secular orgy of binge eating and juvenile begging / protection racketeering is at least as offensive to me as it is to you.

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7 Responses to “JesusWeen”

  1. Alan Scott Says:


    So you are not a Christian like me, but we dislike some of the same people ?

  2. jonolan Says:

    I’m not even close to Christian, Alan. I’m a devotee and priest of Morrighu and Cernunnos, and an actively practicing polygamist (2 full-time, live-in wives). Yet, we do dislike many of the same people, sometimes – often I think – for the largely the same reasons.

    And yes, this makes me anathema to many of those who would commonly be described as my coreligionists.

    It’s an odd world, isn’t it?

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    I pride myself in having a broad knowledge of the obscure, but Morrighu and Cernunnos were not in the list of things I ever heard about. Doing the search, I see they are Celtic Deities. I have explored Celtic history and culture, but never had an interest in Celtic religion.

    Are you a serious follower or why would you revive what is a dead spirituality? Christianity destroyed that religion along with the Germanic-Nordic religions and the classical Greco-Roman mythology.

    I would almost expect you to be a sworn enemy of mine and to ally yourself with the Anti Christian Atheists. An odd World indeed, where the third great religion to burst out of the middle east, Islam, is allied with a natural enemy, Atheism, against Judaism and Christianity, with which it shares the belief in a single God.

    Two wives, why would you do that? Living with one wife is difficult in the extreme.

  4. jonolan Says:

    I’m a serious follower, Alan. I’ve even served as a priest for many years, though I’ve since found that I’m unsuited for the counseling / mentor / pastoring part of that calling. I just don’t have the patience. These days I do mostly hospice and grief counseling.

    As for why? Who knows? It was a calling that I felt, much the same I would guess as that felt by any who actually and seriously convert to any faith. I’m, much like most of what are called Pagans, and not looking to particularly “revive” the Old Ways though. We’re, by and large, against proselytizing.

    We were never wiped out though or destroyed. We’ve been quietly existing alongside the Abrahamics the whole time. 😉

    And yes; it doesn’t surprise me that you would almost expect me to side with the Godless. So many Christians think that way – but why? The Atheists are as much my enemy as they are any Christian’s. You’re just the 1st ones on their their metaphorical list and I’m not one to be foolish enough to stay silent.

    First they came for the Christians,
    and I was silent because I’m not a Christian.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    As for my polygamy – yeah, it’s freaking hard some days and for exactly the reasons that you allude to. 😆 It works for me and my family though and has for 7+ years, which is better than my attempts at monogamy.

    I’m not suited to monogamy; I’m an abject failure at it. Not just, or even primarily, sexual monogamy, but actual emotional monogamy. Being in love with a woman doesn’t even begin to prevent me from falling in love with another one. Hence, polygamy.

  5. Alan Scott Says:


    It is a strange ideological war that puts us on the same side. I have another strange acquaintance who debates the same people I do . I don’t know if you were ever on Black Flag’s website. He is as dark as you are, but in other ways.

    We have large differences, but we both like to reeducate Global Warmers and socialists.

  6. cmblake6 Says:

    Jonolan and I have discussed thngs related to this before. There is good and there is evil in every belief system. There has always been that, by whatever name and religious propensity you choose to follow. But we must all agree that, for example, allah is the equivalent of Satan. Mo-ham-Ed was/is the equivalent of the anti-Christ. Joyous Samhain, Jonolan. Blessed Be. This is an example of how the Christian church borrowed Pagan ritual to show the Pagans it was okay to convert.

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