Safely Offensive

The Risen Zombie Jesus - Blood and Brains For The Lord Christ
Blood and Brains For The Zombie Lord Jesus

The image above is likely to be quite offensive to Christians. Depicting their God and His Resurrection in the context of a zombie apocalypse is quite disrespectful, offensive, and insulting to Christians. By and large though, it’s safely offensive; neither the law nor individual Christians will attempt to do me harm over it.

Of course this would not be the case if I chose to post images mocking Allah, Muhammad, and/or Islam. Then I would be open to societal reprisals and possibly murderous assault by the Muslims. In some areas of the Civilized World I could even be brought up on criminal charges.

Art vs. Hate Crime - Oikophobia, Islamic Terrorism, and Christophobia combined in Evil
One Is Art, One Is a Hate Crime?

The United Nations, long, deeply, and irredeemably contaminated by the vicious, subhuman Muslims, has repeatedly tried to expand this special protection across the globe.

This imbalance in response to insulting Islam vs. insulting Christianity is, however, fairly easy to understand once one stops looking for a singular reason for the prejudicial treatment. It’s actually the synergy between several disparate pernicious factors that are the blame.

Liberal Oikophobia

All across the Civilized World Muslims are “other.” They are mostly non-Whites in “White nations,” have wildly different linguistic and cultural roots, and hold themselves separate from the cultures of their host nations. The Liberals’ oikophobia drives them to support these Muslims and to attempt to offer them every special protection, aid, and comfort that they can manage.

That the major nations of the Civilized World have been at war with Muslims for years just fuels this further. Since their oikophobia demands that Liberals believe we’re in the  wrong they support our enemies in such ways as they can and are foolishly allowed to.

Cowardly Dhimmitude

It really can’t be argued against by rationale minds that Muslims across the globe, seemingly irrespective of what underlying culture was subsumed by Islam, are violent and savage, prone to hysterical fits of feral rage when offended. Worse, it takes almost nothing by civilized standards to set them off en mass.

And it works for them.  Many people, lacking courage or conviction fear the violence of Muslims and will accept the dhimmi’s yoke in order to appease them. They may carefully claim that they believe that Islam is the Religion of Peace and the violence is a small aberration of a few extremists, but the fear belies this and is endemic in the Civilized World.

Godless Christophobia

Atheists – the Godless – in the Civilized World fear, loath, and hate Christianity and Christians far more, and more virulently, than they fear, loath, and hate any other religion or religious adherents.

For the Godless in the West Christianity is dominant religion and is often the one that the Godless have rebelled against in this first place. Islam is merely a minority religion with, for now at least, limited power to affect change.

Since the Godless’ goal is the destruction of religion it makes sense that they would focus on the strongest religion. If they can destroy or cripple any and all expression of Christianity, Christian morality, and Christian thought in the public square then they’re sure that they can do the same to any lesser followed faith such as Islam.

These three societal failings, along with other lesser problems, feed off of each other and create the bigoted atmosphere in which anything that attacks, insults or demeans Christianity is condone, even encouraged, and anything that attacks, insults or demeans Islam is a crime worthy of punishment by society and/or law.

So Zombie Jesus is offensive, but safely offensive – it might even be hailed as art – but any depiction of Muhammad, insulting or not, is considered wrong. That’s a sad and bigoted thing as is any case where standards are not equally applied.

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5 Responses to “Safely Offensive”

  1. Paradigm Says:

    On the other hand it won’t be a problem for long since insulting Christians is now considered a bit lame. The new trend is to insult Jews. That way you still get attention but with little risk. And soon that will become lame and maybe some other group that seems harmless will be targeted.

  2. Podunk Says:

    Well, my comment has nothing to do with your post but here goes anyway. Got shunted over here after you posted on Josh’s website. I rather assumed you were a bit of an ass due to your comment on his post. I get here and slog through a fair bit o’ your stuff and low and behold I actually like your site. Damn it all to hell. My life would have been easier if you really were an ass but hey you had an awesome pic of Milla Jovovich posted, which I stole, so I can’t hate you that much. Cheers.

  3. jonolan Says:


    I see little in the way of “insult” directed at Jews in America. Antisemitism took a grimmer turn in my country that strives for actual annihilation of the Jews as opposed to mere ridicule.


    By many people’s standards I am an ass. I hold opinions and am not afraid to express them. That’s rarely popular in the modern PC world that refuses to accept that Right and Wrong exist.

  4. Paradigm Says:

    Well, after Mel Gibson there has been Julian Assange, Lars von Trier, John Galliano, and Charlie Sheen and probably others too, I don’t keep track of these things. Of these only Sheen is American and he was the least offensive. But I have feeling this trend has just started. It will no doubt reach America too.

  5. jonolan Says:

    Ahhh…Now I see where you’re coming from, Paradigm. I had been thinking in narrower terms that focused on “artistic” depictions instead of more generalized insult.

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