Somewhere Out There

One of the odd parts of our society is that we seem to think of lesbians as almost a totally separate species. That’s really a bit foolish since they’re really just women with something closer to men’s sexual appetites and proclivities.

Now That's A Tounge - Lesbians are creaming themselves
OMG! That’s A Fantastic Tongue

Remember gentlemen, right now somewhere out there, there’s a lesbian creaming her panties over this image. 😉 See? They’re not so different from us after all…

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They’re Not Swallowing

In 2007 Barack Obama burst onto the international political stage, coming out of nowhere with no known past to shake the foundations of nations. He road in on a unicorn, shooting rainbows.

The Liberals and Progressives quickly fell upon their knees before their new messiah and drank down what he was spewing. They swallowed it all and begged for more.

Obama On A Unicorn Shooting Rainbows
The Messiah Hath Come

But the honeymoon ended almost before it began and Obama failed to utterly destroy the GOP, failed to fundamentally change America, and failed to keep the worship of the Liberals and Progressives. Soon he left a bitter taste in their mouths.

Spitting Rainbows
They May Still Like Him But They Don’t Love Him Anymore

Oh these Liberals and Progressive will still provide Obama lip service. But they’re no longer swallowing his pap. 😉

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