Air Snort One

Air Snort One
Air Snort One

Air Snort One, it flies higher than any other jet in existence… and everyone is wide awake for the trip. 😆

But really, all snarkiness aside, the fact that they found a bag of cocaine in a cubby near the White House’s West Executive entrance but claim to have no way of determining who left it there means of two things: they’re lying because of whose cocaine it is, or; there’s a lot less functional security in place at critical ingress points of the White House than most of us believe.

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Media Covers The Riots

Media Covers The Riots - Covers Them Up That Is
Media Covers The Riots – Covers Them Up That Is

Oh yeah! The Lamestream, ever-Anti-American, anti-White media Dutifully covers the various race- and class-riots that have been happening over the last two months or so – covers them up as “mostly peaceful protests” that is.

A case in point being their praise for- and whitewashing of – irony, it’s strong in these ones – of the Wall of Moms who “protected” the “peaceful protesters” from federal law enforcement against who had to deployed to several major US cities to mitigate the damages and death tolls.

That’s the thing, left unchecked, the media can by lying big enough and often enough, put lipstick on a pig – or a t-shirt on an insurrectionist.

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