Tyson’s Oddly Apt

Tyson's Oddly Apt When It Comes To Deaths And Attention
Tyson’s Oddly Apt When It Comes To Deaths And Attention

I’m not a particular proponent of Neil deGrass Tyson as either a scientist or a valid authority on sociopolitical issues, but Tyson’s oddly apt in the case of his recent tweet about mass shootings, deaths in general, and the mass market response to such things.

There’s too many people – sheeple really – who go into hysterics over the ever-hyped by the Democrats’ Lamestream Media occurrences like “mass shootings” but are apathetic towards so many other avoidable ways in which people die on daily basis. They just dutifully bleat about what they’re told to bleat about so that the grifters of the Left can profiteer off of this tragedies.

So, kudos to Mr. Tyson for actually applying reason and facts to the situation and putting in a more rational perspective.

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The Logic Of Causation

Liberals and Progressives, on an individual basis, may or may not be smart. As a group though, they’re obviously poorly educated despite how much and how often these would-be aristocrats vaunt their institutions of supposedly higher learning and disdain and deride anyone who couldn’t or just didn’t attend them.

Very basic teachings, especially the logic of causation, seem to have not been part of their curricula.

If Guns Cause Murders...
Follow The Logic Of Causation

On the face of it, this is pretty ridiculous. When you stop and really think about it though, you realize that’s not just ridiculous; it’s both ignorant and utterly inane. 😆

I know – these are the same people whose creation myth was for decades centered upon there once being nothing – no matter, energy, space, or even time – and then, one day, it blew up!

Obviously, causation was never a significant part of their so-called educations. Hence, I probably should expect no better of them in more mundane matters.

Yep! According the “logic” taught to America’s domestic enemies, inanimate, non-self activating or motivating objects are the cause of things and need to be criminalized. Guns cause murders. Hence, cutlery must cause obesity, cars must cause accidents, and paper must cause bad laws.

It couldn’t possibly be the people using these items and, even more so, it couldn’t possibly be the case that people would just find other means to cause harm. 🙄

If they weren’t such a clear a present danger to America I’d suggest just patting them on their heads, saying, “Isn’t that special that you think that,” and sending them back to their ivory towers where they’d be no longer a danger to themselves or others…and barring the doors.

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