We’re With Her

We're With Her
We’re With Her

Honestly, I’d probably let it go but old Hillary keeps setting her raggedy self up in any glass house that she can find and throwing stones at President Trump and the American people. The hypocrisy of Hillary, or any Democrat really, making accusations against President Trump or making claims about “rape culture” is too great to be ignored or excused.

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Compassion For Hillary

SHow Some Compassion For Hillary! Think How She's Felt All These YearsShow Some Compassion For Hillary

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Fellow Americans, it’s so easy to heap scorn, derision, and disdain, upon Hillary Clinton. In truth, it is almost a divine mandate to do so, especially in the wake of her involvement with yet another rapist. But please! Show some measure of compassion towards Hillary. Imagine how she’s been feeling all this long time…

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Jonolan’s So Evil!

In the slightly over 6 six years – yeah, it’s been that long – that Reflections From A Murky Pond has been in existence I’ve received an amazing amount of hate, both in the blog’s comments and via my contact form. The blog and forum posts referencing Reflections From A Murky Pond and their comments have been even more hate filled and vitriolic. Death threats and threats of lesser violence are common as well.

Liberals, Progressives, Angry Black Nationalists and their ethnoguiltist enablers, Islamists and their Dhimmi shills, queers, and now pedophiles, rapists, and the filth who support them really, really think that I’m evil.

It’s great to know that I’m doing the right thing and positive reinforcement is wonderful and I love the image that comes to my mind whenever I get these messages or see one of the enemies posts about me and this site.

You Are So Wrong!
Jonolan’s So Evil! He Makes Me Sooooooo Angry!

Of course, sadly, the above image is pure fantasy. I’m not good enough to cause Mankind’s enemies to suicide or die from some acute form of apoplexy. I wish it were otherwise; truly, I do but I know my limitations and that my rhetoric is not that powerful. Hellfire! It’s not even close. 😉


I do not speak truth to power. I speak truth from power, the power of one man who refuses to bow before sheep or the shepherds and wolves they’ve put in charge of their flocks.

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