What’s In A Name?

What's In A Name? Apparently, a lot to some of the more sensitized sort
What’s In A Name?

Yes! This sums up the monumental hypocrisy of America’s domestic enemies, the Liberal, Progressives, and those sorts that they pander to- and enable. They behave in such a manner that it became reasonable for ESPN to change who was providing play-by-play commentating for a college football game because his name was Robert Lee.¬†Yet, for eight years they decried any American who didn’t like the POTUS’ middle name being Hussein as a bigot, racist, and Islamophobe.

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Fluidity Of Offense

Liberals' Fluidity Of Offense
The Liberals’ Fluidity Of Offense

Liberals and Progressives, especially the woefully mis-raised Millennials, are always going to be offended. This is because their feelings of offense are nigh on completely fluid and not based upon any sort of actual actions.

Part me actually wants to excuse this behavior because they’re mentally impaired. Mostly, however, I think that they, like all the dangerously insane, should be kept in some form of strict quarantine where they can be treated for their illness.

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