Obama Is Their President

Given the boy’s ongoing behavior it shouldn’t shock anyone that Obama sides with Muslims over the American people. Gods above and below, it’s not like – in shades of Mein Kampf – he didn’t warn us all in his 2nd autobiography, The Audacity of Hope.

Obama Muslim POTUSObama Is Their President, Not Ours

From the boy’s apology tour of Muslim World, through his blaming the Benghazi massacre upon America, and to his negotiating to ensure the continuance of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Obama has made his loyalties and who “his people” are or, at least, who “his people” include and exclude. Obama’s even made his rationale for such things clear at last.

So, while horrific and wrong, it should be no surprise at all to any American that the Obama Regime’s enforcers are declaring that the greatest growing domestic threat is militias – code-switching for “Crackas” – targeting Muslims while, at the same time, removing Muslim Terrorism from its threat matrix and lexicon.

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Truly Exceptional

This aptly and poetically sums up one of the fundamental, intrinsic, a profound ways that America is exceptional. It may, indeed, be the cornerstone of the truth of American Exceptionalism.

Militia is only a bad word if you're a tyrant
Militia Is Only a Bad Word If You’re a Tyrant

It is true that, in America, militias are by and large a good thing for the People and only a bad thing for those in the government who would be tyrants. In other countries this is not always the case – e.g., the Basij of Iran and the various “irregular” forces raised and employed by the hamula in Israel’s West Bank and Palestinian Authority zones.

This may well be the core of American Exceptionalism. We can arm and train the civilian population with confidence in their loyalty to the People, whereas in many other nations and cultures militias are an arm of tyranny and work against the people.

Tangentially, it’s also part and parcel of the reason why those who disbelieve and refute American Exceptionalism – Liberals and Progressives for the most part – fear and hate American militia groups so much.  As they cannot see Americans as being different from- or better in this manner than other peoples, they cannot believe that our militias would act differently than those of of other peoples.

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A 2nd Amendment Remedy

The phrase, “a 2nd Amendment remedy” is often used as an implied threat to use firearms as a remedy for some political or societal illness. For the purposes of this article, however, it is presented in the terms of a remedy for America’s ongoing problems with accepting and rationally enforcing the strictures of the Second Amendment in 21st century America.

The Second Amendment Of The US Constitution

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

A fairly large number of the residents of America want harsh restrictions to placed upon Americans’ ability to purchase and own firearms. An even larger number are against any significant impediment to purchasing and owning firearms. For close to a century this battle has raged across the nation’s legislatures and courtrooms with no end to it in sight.

A practical remedy to this would be for the US government to issue every non-felon, able-bodied adult one Colt M16A4 and one Beretta M9A1, both with accompanying maintenance kits and paraphernalia.

US Issue Small Arms
The Colt M16A4 And The Beretta M9A1

Then, as the right to keep arms has been assured for the American people, legislators can go ahead and place nigh on any level of restrictions on the purchase and ownership of non-issue firearms that their constituencies will bear without infringing upon anyone’s constitutional rights.

And please! Do perform ballistic fingerprinting upon each issued weapon and record the data, along with the identity of the citizen the weapon was issued to in a national database. With all law-abiding adults in America having these weapons, there’s no longer any potential for misuse of such a database to confiscate Americans’ weaponry.

Additionally, as these M16A4s and Beretta M9A1s are to be issued for individuals’ use, the laws should be such that they are neither transferable nor saleable, and any maintenance or changes to the weapons’ firing pins or barrels should be restricted to licensed gunsmiths and include the new ballistic fingerprinting being entered into the national database.

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