The Sum Of Its Parts

Aristotle’s postulate, “The whole is greater from the sum of its parts” has become an axiom over the intervening 23 centuries since Aristotle wrote the various treatises that would later be compiled into the world’s first seminal work of philosophy, Metaphysics.

Of course “greater” means “larger”,  “more powerful” , or of “greater effect” as opposed to “better.” In the modern age nowhere is this more glaringly apparent than in the Warmists’ theories of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW).

How To Build The AGW Table

The original for the images above can be found at Bishop Hill.

Firstly, the whole of the Warmists’ theories are greater than the sum of their parts. Poor data, small errors, and malfeasance early in the modeling process all combined synergistically  to create either a mistake or a fraud far more potent and “great” than any of it’s individual parts would normally be capable of.

Secondly, climate is, like all systems, far more and greater than the sum of its parts – and the Warmists won’t even deign to look at all – or even most – of those parts. 😉

Fortunately, like all poorly crafted constructs fabricated from substandard components, the Warmists’ hypotheses and theories have collapsed under the weight of public scrutiny.

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By Their Fears Be Known

Zero Risk At Last Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, often acronymized as FUD, is a marketing strategy used to mold, twist and control people’s perceptions through the use of strongly negative messages and doomsaying.

Use of FUD is a very common and successful tactic among activists and politicians.

They all, irrespective of agenda or ideology, use it because it works. It works because fear, uncertainty, and doubt are proven methods of pushing people to move in a certain direction or act in a certain manner, at least for a short time.

The very ubiquitousness of this means of social engineering makes it a solid metric for judging politicians and activists. What and/or whom do they wish us to fear? Who’s their chosen scapegoat? By the fears, uncertainties, and doubts that they sow we can know them.

Are the fears, uncertainties, and doubts they promulgate designed to brings us a people together to eradicate, combat, or defend against some foreign or outside threat, or are they designed to divide us by naming ourselves, our nation, and/or our very culture as the threat to be eradicated, combated, or defended against?

What is boils down to is are they peddling fear of others or fear of ourselves – “Us” or “Them?”

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