SJW’s In A Nutshell

SJW’s In A Nutshell

What makes this video equal parts hilarious and maddening is that it’s so close to the objective truth of what’s happening and what’s heinously wrong with American society in these latter, degenerate days. Sure, I doubt that any comic or speaker ever had to suffer through all of these attacks by the ever-offended SJW’s in so rapid of succession, but we’ve all seen them be assaulted in each of these ways repeatedly.

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Dhimmitude 101

There can be little to no doubt that Liberal logic is Dhimmi logic when it comes to dealing with Muslims. Then, Liberal logic has always been predicated upon a miscegenate offspring of oikophobia and fear. It is the logic of the Heckler’s Veto crossed with that of the White Man’s Burden.

Muslims are peaceful unless you offend themLiberal Logic – Dhimmitude 101

This is what we consistently hear from the Liberals and Progressives within our borders – that Muslims are a peaceful people … but that any action that we take to protect ourselves from their proven acts of violence and terrorism against us in the name of jihad will cause them to radicalize and become violent. These Liberals and Progressives even go so far as to claim that actually believing and accepting the existence of their jihad is a recruitment tool for the jihadis and terrorists.

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Air It Or Experience It

All across the nation various Muslim student groups have been stridently protesting any proposed air of American Sniper on the campuses of the US colleges that they’ve been allowed to attend. Given the ever-present threat that such Muslim protests will either lead to terrorist attacks or lawfare, many college administrations have given into this heckler’s veto.

American Sniper movie poster
American Sniper – Air It Or Experience It

What these Muslims seem not to realize is that they’re pushing their envelop and quickly running out of American tolerance. They need to shut up about whatever offends them or they may well experience American Sniper from the targets point of view.

And yes, if that day comes, I’ll be cheering on each and every American who exterminates a Muslim.

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