Harvard Still Pro-Hamas

Harvard Still Pro-Hamas
Harvard Still Pro-Hamas

Harvard was proven to be- and still proves to be – pro-Hamas, supporters of terrorism, and apologists for literally genocidal antisemitism. First they allowed a large number of their students to openly support and endorse Hamas’ attack upon the Jewish people of Israel, blaming those Jews for anything and everything that happened to them and their people. Now, having to face the consequences for lending aid to one of the world’s worst terrorist groups, they’ve chosen to “step up” and lend support to those students who are now facing the consequences of supporting terrorism.

Harvard is now, under the direction of its Dean of Students, Thomas Dunne, forming a special task force to aid their overly openly anti-Semite students deal with outcome of their strident support for Hamas’ attack upon the civilian Jewish population of Israel.

We are truly grateful for all the tremendous work that students have put forth in supporting each other through this most difficult time, and we appreciate the collaborative spirit in which students, faculty, and staff have come together to repel this repugnant assault on our community.

— Dean – or is it Unterkanzler – Dunne

Dunne will lead the task force, alongside Harvard University Information Technology, the Harvard University Police Department, Counseling and Mental Health Service, the Office of General Counsel, the Mignone Center for Career Success, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, and the Office of Undergraduate Education. This support system for these terrorist supporters will operate until Nov 3rd, then reassess its applicability and mission.

So, despite their “virtual signalling” of verbally distancing the college from their anti-Semites, Harvard is still going to great lengths to support them through actual actions and wealth. Harvard, like all the other anti-Semites in the world, is acting as if these terrorist supports are the victims of anything other than their own actions, loyalties, and evil.

Do not believe Harvard’s Taqiyya. Harvard is still pro-Hamas.

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Liberal Education

Sandra Korn - A traitor to all that is right and goodSome people question the value of modern, Liberal education. We call those people intelligent, patriotic Americans. This is because, academics aside, there is nothing of value in Liberal education and much that actively seeks to devalue America.

Worse, the higher one goes in education the lower one seems to sink into treason and evil.

Harvard is a perfect example of this. Academically, it’s a very fine university. What it teaches its students beyond academics is another and more horrific story altogether. Take what the once august institution taught one of its students, Sandra Korn, to believe and then allowed it to be published in the The Harvard Crimson as evidence of this.

In its oft-cited Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, the American Association of University Professors declares that “Teachers are entitled to full freedom in research and in the publication of the results.” In principle, this policy seems sound: It would not do for academics to have their research restricted by the political whims of the moment.

 Yet the liberal obsession with “academic freedom” seems a bit misplaced to me. After all, no one ever has “full freedom” in research and publication. Which research proposals receive funding and what papers are accepted for publication are always contingent on political priorities. The words used to articulate a research question can have implications for its outcome. No academic question is ever “free” from political realities. If our university community opposes racism, sexism, and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals simply in the name of “academic freedom”?

Instead, I would like to propose a more rigorous standard: one of “academic justice.” When an academic community observes research promoting or justifying oppression, it should ensure that this research does not continue.

Yes, that’s right. The Harvard bint was academic and scientific freedom curtailed in favor pandering to the desires and agendas of certain special interest groups and those among the student body who enable them. It’s what she’s been taught is justice, which must, in what passes for her mind, trump freedom every single time.

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Waba Squaw

Elizabeth Warren - Waba Squaw Speaks With Serpent's TongueElizabeth Warren is the multimillionaire Harvard law professor running against Sen. Scott Brown for the US Senate in Massachusetts as a Democratic party populist-progressive champion.

She’s run into a problem though in her bid to unseat the surprisingly popular Massachusetts Republican. It’s not an uncommon problem for academics and politicians. She lied about her background so as to game the system.

One has to wonder how desperate Harvard was for “diversity” – and possibly the the funding and grants that come with it – that they accepted the fair-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Warren as a Native American. Both Harvard and this lying little waba squaw (white woman) have a lot nerve and even more explaining to do.

NOTE: “Waba Squaw” is from the Wampanoag dialect of Algonquin, the dominant native language in Massachusetts, where this affront occurred.

As Warren claimed that she got her blood from the Cherokee people, “Unega Agehya” would have been equally valid but less understandable to the majority of Whites.

She and Harvard both got caught in their self-serving, racial lies though, and the Native Tribal organizations, especially the Cherokee Nation are not pleased, nor are the people of Massachusetts.

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