Selective Tolerance

Liberals and Progressives wrap themselves in the mantle of tolerance but they’re expression of tolerance is highly selective and doesn’t extend to Americans who disagree with them.

Liberals' tolerance doesn't extend to normal Americans, who mostly happen to be White and Christian
She’s a Perfectly Tolerant Liberal, Isn’t She?

Oh they just love to cry that they’re only “intolerant of intolerance” but this is a sham, a dog-whistle for attacking anyone who holds to anything approaching normative American cultural values and who are among the normative, i.e., demographically dominant culture, White Christians with a reasonably Conservative sociopolitical outlook.

Conversely, their tolerance almost completely covers the actions and beliefs of non-Whites and non-Christians. Those groups can believe, say, and do just about anything they want without the Liberals and Progressives attacking them, e.g., the average Black and Muslim views on homosexuality and genders roles and equality.

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4 Responses to “Selective Tolerance”

  1. Titfortat Says:

    I think the problem lies in the title. If you label yourself then your stuck, lol. 🙂

  2. jonolan Says:

    I can’t really see that, T4T. Whether these creatures label themselves as Liberals or not, they all act the same. True, some might or might not be “on board” with any singular Leftist agenda item, but there’s both a lot of overlap and a gross similarity of behavior.

  3. Titfortat Says:

    If they dont identify themselves then you will just judge them on being shitheads and not a liberal or progressive shithead. The same holds true for it going the other way. Take away labels and all that is left are people and their behaviours. So much easier than having to compartmentalize everyone.

  4. jonolan Says:


    Quite the opposite in point of fact. Not labeling yourself or others is actually much more difficult than doing so. That’s why iconoclastic individuals have few friends and fewer allies.

    Also, people’s behavior is similar within group structures. We’re pack creatures after all. Hence, if it walks like a Liberal and talks like a Liberal, it’s a Liberal.

    I will say, however, that the very ease of this does make it far too easy to not accept or adjust one’s thinking about individuals’ idiosyncratic differences. monolithism can only exist in macrocosmic realm of generalization.

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