My Ego Should Be Bruised

FBI LogoSo…Two Special Agents from the FBI showed up at my door earlier today. They wanted to talk with me about some of the things I’ve posted online.

Yep. I’m betting that you can see where this is going. Wrong! They and the FBI in general have no issues with anything that I’ve posted here or elsewhere. They just wanted the provenance of an image I tweeted to make sure that there was nothing they needed to investigate.

I suppose that, if you look at it a certain way – and many would – my ego should be bruised. Here I am, a political blogger and commentator in direct and very overt opposition to the current regime and the FBI didn’t care at all about me, just where an image came from so that they would know if there was something they needed to investigate.

In all actuality, the two FBI agents were very pleasant and extremely polite. The only painful part of our discussion was the fact that they kept reiterating time and time again that I was well and fully within my rights to publish everything that I’ve published and that I apparently had a very solid understanding of the legal limitations of such speech.

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2 Responses to “My Ego Should Be Bruised”

  1. Alan Scott Says:


    Pardon my ignorance. How does provenance of an image concern the FBI? I just cannot follow why that is their jurisdiction.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Pic of dead child = possible interstate crime just due to the nature of the internet and kidnapping is always within the FBI’s jurisdiction, Alan. Also, someone reported the image to them and they have to follow up on these things, even when they’re pretty sure it’s a waste of effort.

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