My Hot Sicc Waifus

My Hot Sicc Waifus

Yep. No panic here. I’m down with the sickness. Got a couple of hot, sicc waifus, Corona-chan and Ebola-chan. I mean sure, they’re both Sadoderes, but that just makes things more interesting.

And, for those of you with little tolerance for not panicking, remember, sometimes you just have to go ¯_(ツ)_/¯ so that you don’t go all (ノ °益°)ノ.

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Bloody Feminists!

ROFLMAO – You’ve got hand it to the Feminists; when it comes to outré behavior and finding new and creative ways to claim offense and oppression at the hands – and other organs – of “The Patriarchy,” they excel beyond all reason, measure, and expectation. The Feminists’ latest plaint is that feminine hygiene products are sexist, misogynists, and part of both the “War on Women” and “Rape Culture.”

So now we apparently have the Free Bleeding Movement with its requisite Twitter hashtag, #FreeBleeding

Free bleeding because tampons are a form of rape
#Freebleeding – Because Tampons Are A Form Of Rape

And they may have some small point. Nothing say Womyn – as opposed to Woman and even more stridently opposed to Ladies – like blood, clots, and gobbets of sloughed-off uterine lining running down a females legs. The only problem I foresee for these bloody Feminists is free bleeding is probably an example of Cis Privilege, which is sure to raise a few hackles.

Tell me the truth; does the above sound completely fucked up to you? And I mean so fucked up as to be implausible.

Well, to a quite large extent, that is because it is implausible and largely manufactured. It seems that the current hoopla, such as it is, about free bleeding was a creation of bored people over at 4chan, who decided to poke some fun at both Feminists and the Lamestream media.

So, funny or not, and well-played by the 4Chan trolls or not, the short-term success of the feminist free bleeding meme say a lot about and against the current toxic wave of Feminism America is beset by. The simple fact that people, including many in the media, took this completely seriously shows that there is very little that society finds to be beyond the borders of what Feminists will stoop to in their quest for oppression.

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Ebola-Chan Cosplay!

If you’re lucky, you’ve no idea who or what Ebola-Chan is, though now your luck has taken a turn for the odd.

Ebola-Chan Cosplay - We Love You, Ebol-Chan?
Ummm…We Love You, Ebola-Chan?

It’s a simple but sad truth that sometimes you just have to go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so that you don’t go all (ノ °益°)ノ.

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