Appropriate Not AppropriationAppropriate Not Appropriation, She’s Not White

Yes, this fine, young ebony woman is perfectly appropriate in her dress. Nobody is going to complain that she’s guilty of Cultural Appropriation, despite her dress being a cross between a Vietnamese áo dài and a Chinese cheongsam that has been “Westernized.” She’s not White and we all know that tirades about “Cultural Appropriation” are only levied against White people in America.

Then, “Cultural Appropriation” in America is rarely anything more than a oikophobic, anti-White, racist shibboleth among our domestic enemies, the so-called Liberals and Progressives, along with their ever-aggrieved minority tenants. It is nothing more than yet another case in which these Leftists have taken something with some contextualized social value and twisted and debased it into nothing more than a mindless attack upon White people and the melting pot that is – or once was – core to American culture and which strengthened the fabric of our nation.

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Kerry’s Correspondence

Obama’s latest Secretary of State, John Kerry actually publicly said that the threats posed by Climate Change should be addressed with as much “immediacy” as confronting ISIS. Yes, it’s true; Kerry believe there’s a direct correspondence between these threats.

Climate Change Is Just Like ISIS
Climate Change and Haircuts

I suppose he’s close to right…if there’s a similar correspondence or equivalency between beheading and haircuts.

Of course this is coming out of the mouth of an individual who first made his fame by drawing a similar correspondence between his supposed brothers in the US military and the terrorists of the Viet Cong…

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