Of Sons & Daughters

Sons & Daughters
Of Sons & Daughters Who’ve Died

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Stupid Negroes

Stupid Negro ThugItis a simple fact of life that just because stupidity should be painful for the stupid doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t also be funny to other people. A perfect case in point in the many protests by Blacks over the Zimmerman verdict since they display a level or stupidity and irony that is more than worthy of both ridicule and hilarity on the part of Americans, most of whom just happen to be White.

Yeah, thousands of Blacks gathering together in mobs in numerous cities across America while dressed in hoodies, carrying various threatening signs, and striving to act in as intimidating as legally possible manner because they believe that Trayvon Martin was killed because he was a Black man in a hoodie and that is considered inherently intimidating by “White America” makes so much sense.

It’s a good thing for these stupid Negroes that they’re not White and dressed in kitschy colonial costumes. 😆

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Justice Isn’t Blind

It has always been the ideal that justice should be blind. Or, at least, that always used to be the ideal. That seems to have drastically changed in recent decades as the response from the Blacks and the Liberals and Progressive who pander to them to the Zimmerman verdict makes abundantly clear.

Justice was given a blindfold before her execution
Justice Isn’t Blind. She Was Given A Blindfold

The Blacks hate the simple fact that Trayvon got justice and later so did Zimmerman. This is because the only “justice” that Blacks will accept is the corrupted abomination that is called Racial Justice. To a Black and any others who side with them justice must never be blind; she must always see the color of someone skin so that the outcome can be “properly” adjusted to meet the Blacks’ sensibilities.

Remember that “color-blind” is not acceptable to Blacks because it would apply a single standard irrespective of race and that is not something that Blacks will tolerate because holding them to the same standards as Whites somehow violates their perceived rights and is, hence, racist.



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