Because racial angst, class envy, and victimhood are so fashionable these days.
Introducing The Victimhoodie

Because racial angst, class envy, and victimhood are so fashionable these days, at least among the Blacks and the Liberals and Progressives who pander to them.

That’s OK though.  They can have their fashion statement and Americans can their Glock 9mm pistols.  Function beats form every single time. 😛

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3 Responses to “Victimhoodie”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    I didn’t know that Barak Obama ever wore a hoodie. He said that could have been him. I doubt it. Do they wear hoodies in Hawaii? Do private prep school kids in Hawaii own hoodies?

    That is a good cartoon for Detroit. President Obama said he would not allow Detroit to go bankrupt. 60 years of Obamanomics finally paid off in that town.

  2. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    The widespread riots that the Bolsheviks hoped for never happened.

    I guess the non-youth N-people realize that ‘youth’ are a criminal peril and not worth rioting for.

  3. jonolan Says:


    Obama just can’t help inserting himself into anything and everything. It’s his nature to want everything to be about him.

    One thing though, we’d be better off if it HAD been him. Trayvon was nothing; Obama dead on the waterlogged ground would have been a national service.


    Despite their convenient anger, envy, and angst there was never any real hope / thought of widespread rioting. You see, Blacks are even more scared of young Black males than the rest of Americans are. With good reason too; they’re 10x or more likely to be attacked by them than we are.

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