Need A Hoodie

The weather is still cold and quite vile. Where I’m at in NYC it’s hovering around freezing and cycling between snow, sleet, and rain.


Need A Hoodie
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This is sort of weather where and when you really need a hoodie if you’re going outside. Even better would be a down-filled hood since, as you can see, it gives more and far better and hotter options on how to wear it.

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Stupid Negroes

Stupid Negro ThugItis a simple fact of life that just because stupidity should be painful for the stupid doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t also be funny to other people. A perfect case in point in the many protests by Blacks over the Zimmerman verdict since they display a level or stupidity and irony that is more than worthy of both ridicule and hilarity on the part of Americans, most of whom just happen to be White.

Yeah, thousands of Blacks gathering together in mobs in numerous cities across America while dressed in hoodies, carrying various threatening signs, and striving to act in as intimidating as legally possible manner because they believe that Trayvon Martin was killed because he was a Black man in a hoodie and that is considered inherently intimidating by “White America” makes so much sense.

It’s a good thing for these stupid Negroes that they’re not White and dressed in kitschy colonial costumes. ๐Ÿ˜†

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Because racial angst, class envy, and victimhood are so fashionable these days.
Introducing The Victimhoodie

Because racial angst, class envy, and victimhood are so fashionable these days, at least among the Blacks and the Liberals and Progressives who pander to them.

That’s OK though.ร‚ย  They can have their fashion statement and Americans can their Glock 9mm pistols.ร‚ย  Function beats form every single time. ๐Ÿ˜›

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